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ENLARGE your email text with Email Zoom Text Reader (free!)

ENLARGE your email text with Email Zoom Text Reade

Our new Email Zoom Text Reader does exactly as the name suggests, and helps you zoom your font text size in or out. All too often, we hear the frustration from users of other screen magnifier apps that their entire page is magnified, when all they need to view is the actual email itself. It’s a big time waster to have to scroll endlessly, and it’s completely unnecessary.

Take a look at how easy it is to use:

Get Email Zoom Text Reader

Don’t delay getting your email zoom text reader, and save your eyes. It’s free, easy to use, and works on Gmail.

Your eyesight can change over the years and become low vision. Using glasses and/or contact lenses regularly can strain muscles and worsen eyesight overall. Working on a magnifying screen monitor helps cope with some vision accessibility, but it also has some downfalls that are hard to ignore.

The biggest downfall with a screen magnifier is that you have to constantly scroll from left to right in order to read an email. Excessive scrolling wastes a lot of  time, and it also interrupts your workflow. After researching applications that are available, our team created Zoom Email Text Reader that lets you enlarge (or decrease) your email text, but not the rest of the page.  Let’s take a look at how easy it is to use.

How to Use Zoom Email Text Reader

  1. Go to the Chrome Store by clicking this link. From there, install the Chrome extension to get access to enlarge your email text.
  2. Click on the “A” logo on the top right hand corner of your Gmail inbox.
  3. Zoom in or out of your email screen as you see fit.

    You can also scroll down (not side to side), where the email text magnification remains at the same percentage you increased (or decreased) it to.

This is a simple solution to staying productive while reading your email. There’s no more need to have to squint and stress your eyes. Give it a try today!

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