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7 Work Productivity Tools to Help You Get Things Done

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7 top work productivity apps you can use for free, and get your job done faster.

In normal years, we work diligently to create, release, and improve work productivity tools so you can create better results with less effort.

Now, I know I don’t have to tell you this, but 2020 was not a normal year.

Across every metric, we saw customers turn to cloudHQ tools to help them organize, prioritize, and execute their daily tasks.

Like weightlifting or endurance training, it’s good to check the numbers every now and then. For this article, we wanted to take a moment and recap everything our customers accomplished with cloudHQ’s work productivity tools in 2020.

1. Over 2.4 Million Marketing Emails Sent

MailKing—our easy as pie tool for turning your Gmail account into a full-featured marketing email campaign platform—we saw big jumps in usage in 2020.

In total, 13,000+ users created 220,000 campaigns using the MailKing—totaling over 2.4 million emails sent throughout the year.

2. 1.8 Million Emails Tracked

Email tools became even more important in 2020 as consumers and businesses adjusted to working, living, and shopping from home.

To navigate the economic impacts of the pandemic, companies also looked to cost-effective tools to increase productivity.

Following those trends, we saw the impact of those changes in the usage numbers for Free Email Tracker.

After installing the tracking tool, users could easily track if recipients had opened or clicked on the links within their emails.

3. Over 1.3 Million Emails Exported to Google Sheets

Over 21,000 users installed and used Export Emails to Google Sheets in 2020, more than doubling the usage numbers from 2019 for this cloudHQ productivity tool.

Some users set it up for a one-time export of their emails for archiving or data analysis.

By contract, others set up the tool to continuously export emails using a tracking spreadsheet to monitor email data in near real time.

In total, more than 1.3 million emails were exported to a Google Sheet using Export Emails to Google Sheets.

4. Over 1 Million Emails Sent With Gmail Email Templates

It was a big year for Gmail Email Templates.

Over 158,000 Gmail users installed or used the tool at some point last year, sending well over 1 million total emails using one of our templates.

In December, we released a major design update to Gmail Email Templates. The new template builder makes it much easier to design and send beautifully designed emails straight from your Gmail.

5. 950,000+ Emails Saved to PDF

One of the easiest work productivity tools to use—Save Emails to PDF also saw major growth compared to 2019.

Throughout the year, over 115,000 users used the tool to save over 950,000 individual emails to PDFs.

6. 50,000+ Labels Shared in Gmail

In 2020, over 12,000 users installed and used Gmail Label and Email Sharing to share over 50,000 individual labels within Gmail.

As a result, users gained the ability to share emails and attachments, assign tasks, track the status of their hiring process, monitor support emails, and sell as a team—all without leaving Gmail!

7. 20,000+ Unique Email Signatures Created

Finally, personalization and customization was another major trend in 2020, one we expect to continue in 2021 and beyond.

Following that trend, 12,000+ Gmail users created over 20,000 unique email signatures using our Free Email Signature Generator work productivity tool.

This gave them the ability to better match their email signature to unique email situations they faced throughout their day.

Try cloudHQ’s Work Productivity Tools for Yourself!

If you are a Gmail user, or your business email is hosted through G Suite, there are now 75+ cloudHQ productivity tools available to help you use email more effectively.

To see everything we have to offer, check out our full list of cloudHQ work productivity tools!

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