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Are You Worried That You Might Get Laid Off? Protect Yourself Now.

The Coronavirus has landed and our economy is suffering.

We’re in an awkward moment right now where nobody wins. Due to the risk of contracting the fatal COVID-19 virus, it’s a terrifying time to be elderly. But it’s an equally scary time for younger members of the workforce—all of whom are watching helplessly as the economy tanks, despite how hard they attempt to work from their tiny, overpriced apartments. Layoffs over Zoom have become a “thing”; and, just last week, the number of unemployment insurance claims made topped United States history.

Have I adequately sobered you up? Going forward, you’ll need to understand that this economic situation could easily go from “concerning” to “terrible” at the drop of a hat—if it’s not already there. Expect layoffs. And, unfortunately, plan as if you might even be the one getting laid off. (Whether or not you’re prepared for it is completely irrelevant to your employers.) Consider this your warning, and please have a healthy dose of fear if your boss asks you for an unexpected Zoom meeting on a Friday.

Get prepared with Multi Email Forward.

Getting prepared is all you can do. And if you do get laid off, there’s a variety of organizational tasks to take care of. At cloudHQ, we’re here to support you with those needs. One important to-do: forwarding all of your G Suite work emails to your personal email address.

Why? Given the possibility that you might be let go, you need to ensure you can keep possession of your emails, your contacts, and any project details that could help keep your livelihood afloat.

It’s easy to do with Multi Email Forward by cloudHQ. Take a look.

We hope you don’t need to use this for any urgent reasons. However, given today’s economic climate, it’s always a good idea to have an insurance policy.

Install the Multi Email Forward Chrome extension from the Chrome Web Store and follow the prompts.

You can also read this support note to understand how each of your emails will be delivered to you perfectly as you migrate your emails to your new email address.

I hope this service helps you stay a little more confident with your future options—regardless of your current situation.

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