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Back-to-School Isn’t Just for Kids

One of the toughest challenges businesses face is how to efficiently scale. Back-To-School season is a perfect opportunity to refresh your business approach to increase productivity and growth. Luckily, there are a few simple productivity improvements that can deliver a major impact to your business.

Ask yourself:

  1. How do you schedule meetings currently?Is it time-consuming (and a bit frustrating) to trade emails back and forth with colleagues and clients simply to find a time in common?
  2. Do you know how much time you spend reading and writing emails?Whether it’s internal emails, or having to reply back to customers or contractors, most people don’t know how much time they actually spend in their inbox. But they should.
  3. How do you communicate with your clients and prospects?Do you stay in touch with them regularly so that they are thinking of you and your business?

If the response to these questions makes you frown, cloudHQ creates savvy Gmail add-on extensions to give you back time spent on email-related tasks, and provides you the polish that your clients respect.

1. Scheduling Meetings with One Click

First up, is the Meeting Scheduler for Gmail. By adding this Google Chrome extension, a simple link will replace the handful of emails it takes to find shared meeting availability with clients or colleagues.

Since this scheduler is integrated directly into Gmail, there is no duplicate calendar to manage. All the meeting attendees are clearly visible, revisions translate to the recipient seamlessly and the time zones automatically synchronize.

2. Enhance Your Emails and Delight Your Audience

The second tool in the arsenal is Gmail™ Email Templates. This will allow you to create and send polished-looking emails directly from Gmail. While the entire G Suite of services are great for business, the email format can be quite limiting. Fortunately, you do not have to become an email marketing expert to reflect the quality content that your company deserves. It is easy to use for the most novice marketer.

While you may want to use any of cloudHQ’s email templates from its extensive library, the incredible feature that most people love is that you can actually use any email as a template that got sent to you—even your competitor’s email. Once you receive an email, you can copy it with just 1 click, and edit out the text and images to suit your own needs.

3. Get Information Out of Gmail and in a Spreadsheet

And lastly, the Export Emails to Excel, CSV, or Google Sheets is the unsung hero of the three. My grandfather used to say that you can run any business with Excel and email, and he was right. Many business owners, recruiters, and project managers are getting so much information being thrown at them in their emails, that they aren’t able to make accurate sense of them because it’s just too overwhelming.

Yet, if you want to be a successful business owner, you need to instantly know what everything looks like at all times: bills, invoices, customer contact information, customer feedback, project delivery dates. Your finger needs to be on the pulse of everything at all times.


We understand that, and made it easy for you to cut out the noise with this add-on that is by far, the best possible add-on that any entrepreneur needs to have in their “must-have” arsenals. Now, you can create a spreadsheet in seconds with the exact information you want to see, like that crucial morning report—only you can have it served to you any time of day, or in real time as it updates.

Gone are the days where people need to be part of an enterprise business in order to run like one. Today, you can rejuvenate your business strategy to increase productivity for greater scale. This Back-to-School season, the folks at cloudHQ help you focus on what matters most by making light work of the rest.


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