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Back Up Your Google Drive Data Before It Is Too Late

Backing up data on the cloud

Backing up data on the cloud

It can happen to any of us. One minute, we happily upload the last file in a project folder only to find the folder wiped clean the next day or encrypted. Months of hard work down the drain, and a call from an angry client doesn’t help matters.

What Is Backup and Recovery?

Backup and recovery involve the storage and copies of important data that can prevent theft. Also known as ‘operational recovery,’ it typically involves data restoration to the original or different location where it can be safe from damage (in case of a power outage) and hackers. In most cases, backups are stored in a separate online or offline medium.

5 Reasons Why You Should Back Up Your Data

Here are some of the top reasons why you should backup all of your data:

1. It Can Happen ANY Time

Your data is vulnerable to crashes, physical damage, viruses, failure, and theft. You may have also deleted files by mistake. But the difference between that and data loss is that you cannot retrieve the latter from a trash folder later.

The data in your laptop is particularly vulnerable – it can be stolen or damaged, and the likelihood of both happening increases during travel. Incremental backups can save you time and ensure you have a backup you can turn to in case of either scenario.

2. You Need It for Audits

The last thing you need is beef with the IRS. Stay on their good side by backing up receipts for deductible expenses for the last three years per your state’s regulations. This goes double for anyone working in finance. Maintaining and backing up accurate records can make you more reliable in the eyes of the IRS.

3. Get Back on Your Feet Quickly

If there is a lightning storm followed by a region-wide blackout, your systems can crash. At least you will have a backup of all your data. Plus, if your competitors don’t have their systems backed up, their customers can turn to you instead.

Make sure the data is backed up in a different location, and you have a property data recovery plan in place. If you live in a region that experiences frequent earthquakes and severe weather conditions, consider establishing an IT disaster recovery plan. You can’t access your data if you cannot use your system!

4. Recover Fast

No one is perfect. We all make mistakes when we are in a hurry or stressed out, which is common in the workplace. Emails containing malware or malicious links are clicked on all the time. But these can eradicate your work in seconds, or worse, hold it for ransom! The problem is serious enough to merit secure data backups. Besides keeping confidential info safe, it will also help you recover sooner rather than later. A simple restoration can prevent a major disaster.

5. Prevent Extra Work

An errant click on a phishing email can cost your organization millions in damages. If you have backups, you can recover in no time. That is much better and way less time-consuming than duplicating your work and retyping documents. You may even make costly errors in your haste, exacerbating the situation.

Backup Google Drive with cloudHQ – Never Lose Critical Data Again!

As you can see, backing up data to the cloud is worth the time it will take. You can make this task easier with Back up Google Drive from cloudHQ. You can easily back up Google Drive to any other cloud storage sytem like: OneDrive, SharePoint, Dropbox, another Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, and more!
Data backed up through this extension is updated as you make changes, so you don’t have to make copies manually. In case of accidents, nothing will be lost. You can easily access the previous version of your lost files through the tool in a special folder.

A Google Drive backup will protect your files against ransomware and other threats that can compromise your data’s integrity. Each version of your data will be saved in the archive folder, so if some files are encrypted, you can access the last version easily and restore it. Get started today!

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