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How to Backup Google Drive


You should almost certainly backup Google Drive.

As we’ve seen recently, even Google’s products go down.

In just one week last month, for example Drive had three significant disruptions that prevented users from accessing their data:

And that’s just one risk. We get cyber attacked everyday- sometimes those attacks are small, but sometimes they’re noticeably big and we can’t access our files.

Imagine what would happen if your account got compromised and your Google Drive got deleted.

For these real threats, you need a backup.

The good news is: it’s easy.

Using cloudHQ’s cloud sync service, it’s easy to create a backup for your Google Drive account and protect yourself.

You can set it up in minutes, and it’ll stay up-to-date from that point forward.

Here’s how it works:

Step 1. Go to cloudHQ’s Google Drive Backup Wizard

Start by opening cloudHQ’s Google Drive backup wizard.

The wizard will walk you through the process of creating a backup of your files.

Step 2. Choose a Location for Your Backup

Next, choose the location you want to use for your backup. For example, you could backup your Drive files to:

Step 3. cloudHQ Will Backup Your Google Drive

Once you’ve selected the backup location for your Google Drive files, cloudHQ’s syncing service will go to work, automatically copying all files from your Google Drive to your backup location.

You do not have to copy files manually.

The initial backup can take a few minutes or hours, depending on the amount of data in your Google Drive.

Once the data has been backed up, you’ll receive an email telling you your new backup is ready.

Rest Easy Knowing Your Files are Secure

From this point forward, the syncing service will maintain your backup for you.

As you work, we’ll automatically copy any new files or changes made in Drive to your backup location.

That way, if Google does go down or something happens to your files, your backup will be available, and you can continue whatever you were doing without interruption.

A free plan is available for free Google Drive accounts.

For company Google Apps accounts, premium plans start at $20/mo, a very affordable option compared to the expense of losing your files.

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