Best Free Screenshot App Helps You Communicate for Back-to-School

free screenshot app

A screen capturing app is a necessity for anyone working with a team, customers who need clear instructions, or for whoever wants to post a screenshot image with annotations on it. Even if the person you’re working with is sitting right next to you, it’s helpful to provide them with visual instructions, in addition to written or verbal ones.

According to child development theorist Linda Kreger Silverman (2005):

  • 30% of the population strongly uses visual/spatial thinking
  • 45% uses both visual/spatial thinking and thinking in the form of words
  • 25% thinks exclusively in words

If you pair both visual and written instructions, you’ll have significant success in conveying your message clearly. These learned communication skills showcase your leadership qualities.

That’s why we focused on creating a free screenshot app that lets you include annotations on it; as this should further help benefit your communication skills. We even updated it to offer you a magnifying glass and a crop sizing tool––both of which will help you optimize your visual messaging skills to ensure clear and concise instructions.

Take a look at the movie below to see how easy it is to use.



2 New Features in Gmail Screenshot

With Gmail Screenshot, you’ll get a host of features, all free to use as part of our larger eco-system of email productivity apps.

Let’s take a closer look (pun intended) at our 2 new features.

  1. Magnifying Glass 🔎

    You can now magnify anywhere on the page to help you focus your specific area on your screen to “pop” out on your screenshot.

  2. Crop Size Converter ✂️

    You now have a crop size converter so that you don’t need to guess what the optimal size is if you plan to post your screenshot anywhere in particular.

All Screenshot Features

Of course, all our original screenshot application functionality is still offered to you, and that’s pretty complete with the following features:

You can screenshot:

  1. Desktop or a window on your desktop
  2. The visual page of what’s visible to you on your screen
  3. The entire page even if the page continues under the fold of your screen
  4. A selected area
  5. An uploaded document from your computer’s hard drive

On your screenshot, you’ll be able to:

  1. Add text
  2. Use the brush, pen, or box tools to highlight areas of the image
  3. Add arrows to draw attention
  4. Pixelate areas to hide private information
  5. Add tags to make it easy to find later
  6. Crop and resize
  7. And now magnify!

And finally, you can save your screenshot by:

  1. Copying a link to the image to your clipboard
  2. Saving the image to Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, OneDrive, or Box
  3. Downloading to your hard drive

This is a great app to help you stand out as a leader in your industry so that you can communicate well with anyone. Including visual learning techniques with your written instructions, you’ll be clear and can improve working relationships across employees who may have a language barrier, remote teams, customers, and students for back-to-school. Give it a try today, and start improving your communication and productivity immediately!



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