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Best Screencast Software and Screenshot Tool

How much time have you wasted on unclear emails and messages? You spend precious minutes of the day writing detailed messages, hoping the recipient will understand. Something you could do faster and clearer with a screenshot or screen capture.

Gmail Screenshot is a Chrome-based image markup tool that makes it easy to take screenshots, edit, resize, and share images using Chrome. It allows you to finish work faster without opening up and switching between applications. When finished, you attach it to your Gmail message and send it to the recipient.

Need a more thorough tool to get your message across? Gmail Screencast gives you an easy way to screen record videos directly from your computer. With nothing more than a Gmail account, you have everything you need to record your screen, share, download, upload, and publish videos from your Mac or PC.

Are you starting to see the possibilities?

1. Gmail Screenshot:
Screenshot Anything and Send It Directly From Gmail

When was the last time you wished you could have an easy system for taking a screenshot of a project, annotating it, and sending it back to your team for further work? You may already have the tools on your computer, but it means opening up several other programs to get the job done.

Gmail Screenshot by cloudHQ is a lightweight Chrome extension that lets you screenshot what you see on your screen with a click of a button. Once you’ve installed Gmail Screenshot, you’ll find the icon in the upper right corner of your browser window. You’ll have the option to capture:

A timed capture will give you three seconds to capture things like mouseovers, web page menus, selections, and more.

Once you have your screenshot, you can edit it directly in Chrome. After you take a screenshot, the image will open in a new browser window. You can click to select all or highlight the area you choose to feature. Then, your image will open up in the editor.

Here is where the real power of Gmail Screenshot begins. It has various editing tools that make communication with others more straightforward than ever.

Let’s say your team is designing a new landing page, and when you receive the first draft, you have a number of changes you wish to make. Gmail Screenshot has various tools to help you communicate with your team:

When you finish editing your screenshot, click done. The updated screenshot will be uploaded, and you’ll be given a link to share. Paste it into your email, and send the link to your team. The recipients will now have clear and concise notes to use as they edit the project. Visual representation, not paragraphs of copy, they may overlook.

2. Gmail Screencast:
Best Screencast Software Recorder Right From Gmail

Sometimes you need more information than a screenshot can provide. That’s where Free Screencast to Record for Gmail comes in handy. It allows you to use a screen recorder right from your Gmail account.

Using Gmail Screencast, you can start recording your screen at any time. There are lots of reasons to use a screen recorder:

Once you start using Screencast, you’ll find many ways to use it.

While plenty of screen recording tools exist today, one of the drawbacks is ease. You’re less likely to use it if it requires opening up multiple platforms and pulling you away from the project at hand. That’s what makes Free Screencast Recording for Gmail work so well.

How to Use Screencast Recording for Gmail

Start by downloading Free Screencast to Record for use in Gmail. As you’re typing an email, you’ll find the record button next to the send button at the bottom of your email. From there, you can choose whether to share your entire screen, an application window, or a Chrome tab. Start recording both your voice and screen, adding further clarification to your email.

When you’re done, click “stop sharing.” In seconds, the video is rendered and placed inside your email. All you have to do is click “send,” and the recipient can watch you in action immediately.

You’re going to love this handy feature. In fact, you’ll probably start recording videos for a variety of situations. But as you record more, you might wonder how you can take these videos from your emails and use them in other ways.


You can always refer back to your screencasts by visiting your cloudHQ dashboard where your video resides.

Now you have a screencast video you can use anywhere online. For example:

Stop Telling, Start Showing

Once you start using Gmail Screenshot or Screencast Recording for Gmail, you’ll find endless possibilities for more transparent communication. You may start using them for:

When you’re ready to bring your communication to a new level, use Gmail Screenshot or Screencast Recording for Gmail to start recording today.

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