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cloudHQ Consolidates And Protects Valuable Company Data

A recent study of more than 400 companies about the location of company data was recently conducted by Varonis. The results of the study are quite shocking. It shows that 2/3 of all senior managers don’t know where company data is being stored. Not only that, nearly 3 out of every 4 companies have no process for tracking files that are stored on these third party cloud services.

When company data is stored in the cloud, this can be a huge problem for the company managers and other company employees. Small businesses seem to have the most problems with this when they store the data on several different cloud services (such as Dropbox, Evernote, Google Docs, etc.). Let’s say a small business uses multiple cloud services and multiple cloud accounts. They use Google Drive to interact with each other on important company projects. Important files such as legal documents are stored in Dropbox, complex transactions are stored in Basecamp while notes and photos are stored in Evernote. Without a good organizational plan, this can become quite confusing. Some employees may have access to Dropbox but not Basecamp and this can cause problems. With several employees continuously updating data on different cloud services, many managers have no idea where the data is being stored. So what’s the solution?

cloudHQ is a manager’s organizational and backup dream come true. cloudHQ consolidates all of the company’s cloud services in real time. If one employee is working on files in Dropbox and another is working on files in Basecamp, the files update for both users instantaneously. Not only that, all the files will be synced together in one central location but can still be updated from any of the cloud services that contain company files and data. Managers and employees alike will love the ease of use and accessibility of files after using cloudHQ.

cloudHQ can consolidate and backup all your data

cloudHQ ensures that all company data is securely backed up. This is important because company files and data kept on the cloud can easily become lost, accidentally deleted by company employees, deleted by malicious hacking or destroyed by server corruption. So not only does cloudHQ consolidate all data on cloud services, it also safely protects these files. Safeguard your company data now with cloudHQ’s superior protection and consolidation techniques before it’s too late.

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