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cloudHQ for Realtors

cloudHQ is the perfect backup and file replication solution for the real estate industry.

Whether you’re a individual agent or part of a large organization, cloudHQ takes the hassle of managing files in multiple clouds and protects your files against malicious or accidental deletion.

cloudHQ will sync and consolidate all your sellers and buyers documents, loan applications, listings, photos and notes about your properties which are stored in multiple cloud accounts such as Google Drive, Dropbox, Evernote, and Basecamp.

As a realtor, you are probably using multiple cloud services such as Evernote, Dropbox, Google Drive, and Basecamp.

For example, you might use Dropbox to store and share sellers and buyers documents, loan applications, listings, and similar. You might also use Evernote to take meeting notes, take photos and notes about properties, take web-clips of listing, etc. And Basecamp might be used to simplify management of sales process, complex transactions, etc.

And your clients probably use Dropbox or Google Docs to share with you property descriptions, loan documentation, etc.

However, the problem is that each of these clouds are essentially an isolated island: so it is hard to replicate files between clouds and accounts, it is hard to backup and consolidate all these documents, etc.

cloudHQ will ensure that all your documents are sync’d and replicated to appropriate accounts and that all your documents, notes, and photos are backed up, archived, and consolidated.

Here are some examples how cloudHQ can help:

  1. cloudHQ can consolidate and create offline backup of absolutely all your documents and notes: for example, all sellers and buyers documents, loan applications, listings, property photos, meeting notes, todo lists, and similar docs can be consolidated to a central Dropbox account
  2. cloudHQ can ensure that all your cloud accounts are in sync: i.e., all your evernote notes (i.e., meeting with your client, photos & text notes taken to remember property features)  are automatically uploaded Dropbox or Google Docs
  3. cloudHQ can greatly simplify collaboration; for example, if you use Baseamp to manage transactions, with cloudHQ you can easily integrate Evernote notes (i.e.,  notes about property description or even photographs) and Dropbox files (i.e., applications, listings, legal documents) into your Basecamp projects.

Sign up for cloudHQ today and have all your cloud services replicated, backed up, and synchronized – real-time and continuously. 

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