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cloudHQ now supports Basecamp categories

cloudHQ now represents Basecamp file categories as folders under the Files folder, while Basecamp message categories are represented as folders under the Messages folder.

Here is an example of the Basecamp project structure:

For example, Basecamp files which have the Basecamp category Agendas will be in the folder ProjectName/Files/Agendas/. So when this project is synced with Dropbox or Google docs, cloudHQ will create the folder ProjectName/Files/Agendas/ and transfer all files associated with the Basecamp category Agendas into it.

This also means that if you move a file between directories in Dropbox (or collections in Google Docs), then categories will be automatically changed in Basecamp.

Also please note that this new Basecamp directory structure is not enabled for existing Basecamp configurations.

How to enable support for Basecamp categories?

In order to enable support for Basecamp categories you need to delete all existing Basecamp synchronizations, and disconnect your existing Basecamp accounts and configure them again.

Here are the steps:

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