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How to Download and Save Your Uber Receipts from Gmail


Maybe you need your receipts for reimbursement from a recent business trip.

Maybe you need to send them along to your accountant for your records.

Or maybe you just want them for your own records.

Whatever your reason, downloading and saving your emails to PDF is as easy as 1 click with Save Emails to PDF. It’s especially great for:

  1. Receipts (especially given that tax time is around the corner),
  2. Projects,
  3. All emails relating to one customer, or
  4. Specific conversations that you want to have a PDF backup of.

Here’s how in 4 simple steps:

Step 1. Download Digital Receipts to PDF with 1 Click

Your first option is to save your receipts as PDFs to your hard drive.

To do this, start by installing the Save Emails to PDF extension from the Chrome Web store.

The extension installs in seconds and is free for anyone using Gmail or a business email hosted by G Suite.

Step 2. Gmail Search

Once you’ve installed the extension, use the search bar in Gmail to find your digital receipts; like the ones from Uber.

Gmail will return a list of emails you’ve received from the ride-sharing service. From this list, check the box next to any receipt you want to save to a PDF.

Step 3. Just Click the Button On Top

Then, click the “Save to PDF” button above the search results:

Step 4. Select How You Want to Save Your Emails

You’ll see a dropdown list with several options. You’ll have a choice of how to save these emails, which can be saved to pdf, to an Excel format or .csv, an HTML file, or even a TXT file.

In this case, choose “Save Conversations to PDF” to save all your receipts in one PDF.


Your receipts will be immediately saved to your hard drive:


NEW: Save to PDF for Teams is Now Available

If you’re a team leader, you can also purchase a Premium Pricing subscription so that your entire team can have easy access to saving their emails to PDF.

With administrative capabilities, you’ll be able to get:

  1. Consolidated billing,
  2. Volume discounts,
  3. Pay via invoice and Purchase Orders,
  4. G Suite Admin integration, and
  5. Access team management.

Just click on “Save to PDF for Teams” in the dropdown menu, and then follow the “Get Started” prompts in the pop-up window.


Setup only takes seconds to accomplish, and is just another way that we’re making Gmail better for everyone, 1 click at a time.



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