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Email Marketing Design Tips to Grow Your Marketing Agency


According to recent data, in 2020, the global email marketing market was valued at $7.5 billionM. This number is projected to grow to an incredible $17.9 billion by 2027. Email marketing continues to be a valuable strategy for reaching customers. And it is easy to see why. The number of email users globally is expected to reach 4.6 billion people by 2025. Not only are a large number of people using email, but in the world of marketing, email is one of the most effective methods for reaching customers. The average open email rate across industries is around33% — much higher than ad click-through rates or social media engagement.

With the power of email marketing, businesses are eager to ensure they are communicating with clients through this channel. However, the prospect of designing a professional-looking marketing email is daunting for many small businesses.

This is where email marketing consultants have the chance to shine. Whether you already design emails for your clients or are interested in leveraging a new income stream by adding email template design to your repertoire, this guide is for you. We’ll look at the top email marketing design tips and how you can start earning money through the fast, easy design of professional Gmail email templates.

Step 1: Install the Gmail Email Templates Extension and Set Up a Portfolio Page

Many small businesses are still sending out poorly designed emails. This is often due to a lack of technical experience and the inability of a small organization to afford a full-time designer. This is where you have a wealth of opportunities to earn new client business.

Using cloudHQ’s Gmail email template extension, you don’t need HTML knowledge to design stunning templates. To launch your new revenue stream, follow these quick steps:

  1. First, install the Gmail Email Templates extension by cloudHQ.
  2. Once the extension has been installed, you’ll see a cloudHQ icon in your Gmail inbox.
  3. Click on the cloudHQ icon, and then click the “Go to dashboard” button under “Gmail Email Templates”.
  4. Next, click on “Set up Showcase Page.”
  5. Once you set this page up, you’ll receive a link you can send to your potential or existing clients showcasing your work. Within this page, you’ll have your own personal library where you can organize all the email templates you create for your customers.

Step 2: Create Categories of Designs

Once you have installed the cloudHQ email templates for Gmail extension, it’s time to start designing.

Via your dashboard, click the “+ New Template” button to get started. First, you’ll be asked to name your template. Remember, this name will be customer-facing. Try to be descriptive with the name, making it easier for clients to find the template design they need.

Once you create a template, you can begin editing the template using a drag-and-drop editor — no HTML knowledge necessary!

As you start designing Gmail email templates, think about how your clients will utilize the templates. It can be helpful to create at least one template for each of the following categories:

This will help you put together a robust portfolio that showcases to clients how you can assist them with email marketing across campaign ideas. The best part is that with the cloudHQ email template extension, building a large portfolio is easy and you can bill your clients directly (no 3rd party fees).

Step 3: Use Your Designs to Strengthen Your Sale

Once you create your own online email design catalog, you’re ready to use this portfolio to strengthen your next sale.

The following are all ways you can use these designs to earn money:

1. Use examples to showcase your skills

Next time you pitch your email services to a new client, include a link to your email design portfolio. You can use this online catalog to showcase to customers the work you are capable of doing. This is a powerful tool when you are striving to earn new business. Clients are more likely to value your work when they see it themselves.

2. Offer customization options

In addition to winning new sales, you can earn additional money by offering customization options. Let your clients know that for an additional fee, you can customize their email template to their brand standards or personal preferences.

3. Sell a collection of template designs

As you build new designs, consider creating a set of email templates you can sell as a collection. This is a great way to sell to a small business that might simply need a handful of templates to get its email marketing rolling. Be sure to include a range of templates to cover common email marketing use cases.

Grow Your Email Marketing Agency Today

If you’re ready to start earning money by designing custom Gmail email templates, all you need to do is install the cloudHQ email template extension. This free app makes designing emails simple and efficient. In a matter of minutes, you can begin churning out high-quality designs that will impress your clients and build your business an email marketing leader.

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