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Email Parser: Capture Text from Emails [+ Examples]


Email holds a goldmine of information for small business owners. From invoices to event registrations, email captures the most critical communication.

Ninety-two percent of American adults use email daily, and many of us might not even realize how much of our life is housed on that platform. Small business owners spend 3.1 hours a day dealing with email, communicating with vendors, partners, and customers to keep their small business running, and storing important information.

However, email information becomes worthless without an automated way to extract that critical data. Mission-critical information sits in the inbox, collecting dust. Introducing automation into your email inbox can help save you time and money, allowing you to do more with the critical information stored in your email. Exporting emails into Google Sheets increases productivity and lets you focus on other things instead of copying and pasting data into a spreadsheet.

Export Emails to Sheets

Why Automate Exporting Emails to Sheets

Maybe you’re wondering why you would even need to export data into Google Sheets from your email. We’ll walk through a few everyday use cases for small business owners and demonstrate the benefits of using automated email exporting.

Keep Material Orders and Delivery Dates Organized

Maybe you’re constantly ordering materials, inventory, or supplies to keep your small business up and running. Unfortunately, this can quickly get overwhelming and disorganized in your email, leading you to over-order inventory and waste money. Even worse, you can risk not ordering enough products, leaving your customers without their orders. Exporting this inventory data to Google Sheets in a simple, automated process is key to using money wisely and keeping your business properly stocked.

Export Leads

Maybe you’ve been communicating with leads over email, and now it’s time to upload that list to another platform. Rather than meticulously copying and pasting email addresses, simply label leads in your inbox and then export that into Google Sheets.  You can do that with just a few clicks with an Email List Builder.

Email List Builder

Export Real Estate Listings

Keeping a list from all real estate listings from Zillow and MLS is a really important task when house shopping or if you’re in real estate. Use cloudHQ’s Export Emails to Google Sheets Chrome extension to export invoices or receipts for easy management and record-keeping.

Email Parser for Bounced Email Addresses

You might get hit with bounced-back email addresses if you send out cold or warm emails to leads. Export these addresses to Google Sheets, and then you can easily upload them into MailKing, an email automation software. You’ll be able to remove those bounced email addresses, absolutely giving you better open rates, and potentially increasing your opportunities for increased sales.

How to Export Emails to Sheets

Now that you have some ideas for why you would need to export emails to Google Sheets, you’ll need to know how to do it.

There is no automated way to do it inside your email provider unless you’re using an applike cloudHQ’s Export Emails to Google Sheets. With this productivity tool, you can:

Simply install the extension, select a label to export, and hit “Save label to Google Sheets.” Then, you’ll see options around which data to export to columns in Google Sheets, and a user-friendly editor helps you parse and organize information from the individual emails. Once it’s formatted to your liking, start the export. If you need some helpful support note tips, please visit our support page.

Download Export Emails to Sheets

To save time and energy on what could be a monotonous job, use Export Emails to Google Sheets to export critical data and information, and use your newly organized data for better business decision-making. Once data is presented and organized in a way that you can easily understand in one glance, you have the power of knowledge to make strategic decisions. Google Sheets can help you understand the bigger picture instead of trying to connect the dots yourself by mindlessly clicking through emails.

Export Emails to Sheets

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