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Expand Your Gmail Sidebar to Instantly View Your Gmail Label Names

Do you have trouble seeing the full titles of your Gmail labels? Are your labels getting their names cut off by the side panel? We know: it’s annoying!!

Thankfully, we designed a solution: our newest quick-fix extension, Resize Gmail Sidebar by cloudHQ. Now you can expand the Gmail side panel and leave all the unneeded frustration in the past.  Watch this quick movie, then read on below.

This extension solves a simple, common problem. Many people with an extensive labeling system—whether it’s on their work emails or their personal accounts—are frustrated that they can only read the beginning of their sub-labels’ names. Well, what’s the purpose of all that organizing if you can’t even see your Gmail labels’ names?

Unfortunately, expanding the side panel is not a native function of Gmail, which means you’ll never see your Gmail label names in full. So, why isn’t it possible to just move the Gmail sidebar margin?

We’ve got good news for you: it is now!

How do you get it?

With this free tool, your sidebar will have a movable border whose position YOU determine. That means that you’ll be able to stretch things as far as you need, and also it means you’ll be able to see your labeling system in full, just how you always intended to.

Follow these 4 simple steps to make this quick fix:

  1. Download Resize Gmail Sidebar here.
  2. Open your Gmail—the extension is already installed.
  3. Click the sidebar and drag it to the position you prefer!
  4. Enjoy the full picture, and stay organized!

Hide the SideBar in Gmail.

In case you ever get tired of your labeling system and want to collapse the sidebar entirely, here’s one easy Gmail feature you’ll like. Look at the top-left-hand corner of your Gmail. You’ll find a button with three burger lines. Click that button. The sidebar collapses entirely!

Now that you can move your Gmail sidebar around, we hope you enjoy being able to see your whole organizational scheme! One less thing for you to worry about means we did our job.

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