Perfect Touch for Holiday Emails


Passover is this Friday night. And Easter is this Sunday.

The holidays are upon us, and communicating with your most important customers are key to helping your business grow.

Sending them an email wishing them well, or announcing a holiday sale, is as easy as 1-2-3. Especially with your newly redesigned email campaign manager, MailKing, which is free for you to use.

Let me start by explaining what makes MailKing so unique:

  1. Higher Open Rates.

    As in, MUCH higher open rates. Most other email campaign managers send emails through an exterior cloud hosting service like Amazon or Google, to name just two of the largest. But what happens, is that your emails get flagged as impersonal, and they’ll show up in the “promotions” tab (bummer, we know). Ours get sent directly by your email address- bypassing third party email servers, and therefore shows up in your email recipient’s “inbox” tab.

  2. Automated Sending Optimization.

    Gmail has send limits of approximately 2000 emails/day from a personal email address. And if you have more than 2,000 emails to send out, we’ll make sure to spread those out over multiple days, always making sure that we never hit above 90% of your maximum daily email limits.

  3. Email Templates.

    Let’s talk about email templates for a hot second. We just revamped this section- you have so many beautiful templates just waiting for you to use. And yes, we just added a few for Easter and Passover.  Want to send holiday invites, have a sale, or just wish your customers well? This is the place to do it in about 5 minutes or less.

  4. Uploadable Email Lists.

    You can upload your email list in CSV file format from Mailchimp, Yesware, Salesforce, Zoho and other CRMs. And especially being mindful of your privacy, here‘s our policy so that you can feel comfortable knowing that we take it very seriously.

  5. Merge Tags: Personalize Your Email Campaigns.

    You can use any merge tag you have: first name, email address, or any available information that you provide in your email list.

  6. Tracked Email Opens and Clicks.

    You can track who opened your email, how many times, along with the exact date and time of each email open:

  7. No Learning Curve.

    The easiest thing about this whole email marketing concept, is that everything happens right out of your Gmail platform. There’s no having to get used to a new software, because it’s all very familiar and intuitive. Take a look at the 2-minute video below to see it in action:

  8. It’s Free.

    We’re a free email marketing campaign service because we just want to grow, so we added a little “Sent by MailKing” button to the end of your emails that looks like this:

    If it really bothers you, please consider paying for our very inexpensive upgrade in order to automatically have it removed for you.

To try MailKing today, just click on the button below to get started. And in the meantime, please let us take this moment to wish you all a very happy Easter, Passover, or just a wonderful spring. We appreciate you.

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