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Free Gmail Label Manager to Automatically Gmail Filter and Gmail Label Your Emails

Automatically label emails from any email recipient or domain with Gmail Auto Label

Inboxes easily get messy fast, leading to wasted time and extra headaches. Instead of searching for your emails or forgetting to label them as you go, there’s a much better solution. cloudHQ offers a free extension that tags your emails with a couple of simple clicks. With each new email you send, you can assign them a label, and each future email to or from that contact will automatically get that label!

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Gmail Auto Label is a great Gmail Label Manager App to help you sort emails into categories for clients, leads, team, prospects, and opportunities. It can save you so much time each week and make it easy to find emails by category. Searching by email address can fail, especially if you can’t remember it or don’t get it just right.

Get started by going to the Chrome Store and downloading our extension, Gmail Auto Label by cloudHQ.

Now, each time you send an email, you can choose a label by clicking on the Gmail Auto Label icon at the bottom of the email window. Make sure to enter a recipient’s email address first, or a pop-up will appear asking you to do so.

Let’s enter an email address to see how to process works:

Now move to the bottom of the new email window and click the Gmail Auto Label icon at the bottom of the screen, next to the “Send” button.

Once you click it, an additional menu will appear.

It has 6 pre-set Gmail label categories that you can choose from in the drop-down menu:

You can further customize the label results with a subset of the client label. Once an email comes in from the client you just labeled, it will create its own sub-label based on your chosen parameters.

If you want each person with an email address from that domain to get their own sub-category label, choose this option from the left-most drop-down menu:

For a single sub-label that covers everyone emailing from that particular domain, select the bottom option:

You can adjust what displays within each sub-label by choosing one of the options on the right-most menu. You can add the person’s name and domain, just their name, or just their domain. Your selection will display right after the main label — in this case, “!Clients.”

Based on our choices, this is what we have selected without any popups obstructing our view:

When an email arrives from Fabiola, it will display like this in my inbox, showing her name AND her company domain:

All her emails are now automatically Gmail labeled under her name in the !Clients Gmail label folder.

Gmail labels by email address and domain make it easy to find all your related emails with a single click, keeping you completely organized in an automated way. Here’s a view of all of Fabiola’s emails in her Gmail label sub-folder.

We hope this new extension from the cloudHQ Gmail productivity suite makes your day a little better.

Get Gmail Auto Label
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