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Most eCard senders are saddened to find out that too often, their eCards aren’t even opened. Once you send an eCard greeting to someone, it often gets sent straight to spam and has odd gibberish in the subject line. Because of that, the eCard system is broken. But we’re here to fix it.


Our new product, Free Gmail eCards by cloudHQ provides a wide range of free greeting cards like: Happy Birthday eCards, funny Christmas eCards, Mother’s Day eCards, and many more special occasions, too. We offer a way for you to create your eCard directly within Gmail, and have your eCard recipient open it directly within their email. We’ve eliminated anyone having to go to another site to claim their eCard, and there will be no gibberish in your eCard’s email subject title; thereby preventing it from being found in a spam folder.

Free Gmail eCards by cloudHQ works in 5 Easy Steps

Step 1. The extension needs to be installed on a Google Chrome browser, which can be done at Free Gmail eCards by cloudHQ.

Step 2. Log into Gmail and start composing an email.

Step 3. Click on the Manage eCards icon

Step 4. Select and personalize your eCard

Step 5. Send it!

In addition to our Gmail integration, Free eCards for Gmail by cloudHQ has hundreds of cards for every possible occasion, every single event, and all holidays—with new eCards being added every week.

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