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Free Happy Easter Cards! No Third-Party Sites.

Happy Easter Cards

Spring has sprung! Yes, it’s that time of year again: people all over the world are celebrating the miracle of Easter. What better way to say “I’m thinking of you” than to send Happy Easter Cards to your loved ones—directly through Gmail?

No-hassle Easter greetings, directly from Gmail

Whenever a holiday comes around, we want to use just the right words when offering warm wishes to our loved ones. Unfortunately, we aren’t all wordsmiths. Sending caring thoughts is an art unto itself. That’s why eCards seem like a promising opportunity: professionally written, professionally designed. Tempting! But then, why do we so often avoid eCards altogether?

Quite simply, most eCards are a hassle. The third-party websites! The sign-ups and registrations! The MONEY! Moreover, if your recipient has to bounce out of their inbox to a new website (and a new tab) just to view the card, can we even be sure they’ll click your link? Do we even think they’ll open the email at all? People today just don’t have that kind of time or patience.

Fortunately, you can keep your Easter well-wishing within the convenience of your inbox. That’s because Free Gmail eCards by cloudHQ doesn’t route you to another website: instead, our eCards are email templates, beautifully designed and personalizable, and—best of all—ready to send as a regular Gmail email.

When your friends and family, or colleagues receive your card, it won’t include any links to outside websites: they’ll read it like a normal email. Except that, unlike a normal email, it will be a totally seamless experience for them, and they’ll appreciate your Easter greetings.

A variety of free, customizable Easter cards

cloudHQ’s eCard selection is enormous. That means that, with a huge assortment of cards to choose from, you’ll have just the right card for your boss, your sister, your old friend, or your new one. And since you can edit the cards, you can customize any message to make sure the tone is just right and the card has your personal touch! What kind of Happy Easter eCards do you want to send? If you want to be fun, casual, and heavy on the Easter Bunny; if you’d like to celebrate nature’s rebirth in springtime; or if you’re looking to honor the religious power of Easter and celebrate the holiday’s breathtaking miracle; you’ll find your card with us.

How do I start?

That’s easy.

  1. First, download the extension here.
  2. Then, open a new email and click the eCards button on your options bar.
  3. Select one of cloudHQ’s Happy Easter eCards.
  4. Edit from the template: personalize the card.
  5. Finally, send it off!

Get to it! Send Happy Easter eCards now.

Enjoy your Easter! And rest assured that when you send Happy Easter tidings to your circle this way, your words will actually get read, and your friends will appreciate your thoughts.

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