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Free Happy Halloween Email Templates

Sending a Halloween greeting is a great way to have some fun with your friends, and all you have to do use a pre-made Happy Halloween email templates.

You can send out e-greetings, costume party invitations, or anything spooky that you can imagine! Take a look at our wide selection of email templates, and have some fun with it! Best of all, it only takes a minute or two to personalize and send–we did all the heavy lifting for you!

We even made you this short movie to show how easy it is to use:

Don’t let Covid stop you from having a fun get-together with your friends! If you don’t want to get together in person, go ahead and:

How to Send a Happy Halloween Email Templates

All you need are 5 simple clicks that combined, takes less than one minute to finish:

  1. Install Gmail Email Templates from the Google Chrome Webstore by clicking on “Add to Chrome”
  2. Go to your Gmail inbox and click on on “Compose”
  3. Click on your new icon on the bottom of your new email
  4. Find a Happy Halloween email template that you like and select it, but be sure to use the scroll bar to see them all (there’s a lot!). When you hover on the template you like, you’ll notice a “use this template” icon. Simply select it.
  5. Personalize it and send!

You can even check out our fun selection of Halloween free email signatures that you can find on our Email Signatures Chrome extension. It’s beyond easy, and is lots of fun to set an example of a cheery atmosphere to everyone you email with!

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