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FREE: How to Markup Your Emails With Edits


Gone are the days of email replies that say “See below in red.” They’re great to tackle specific issues within emails, but they just take so much time to create! Here’s an easier way:

Gmail Notes is a free Chrome extension that’s perfect for adding personal notes in emails either for yourself, or to share with your colleagues. But now, it’s even better.

With Gmail Notes, there are now  two ways markup your Gmail emails.

  1. General Notes About an Email:

    Sometimes you’ll find yourself wanting just one overarching idea to remind yourself about something general about an email you received. Maybe it’s about a contract, or a customer, or anything that’s a “big picture” thought, like this:

  2. Inline Notes for Specific Parts Within an Email
    (a.k.a. The Editor’s Delight):

    Sometimes, there’s very specific feedback you want to give someone, and we understand that. That’s why you’ll be able to go through each specific word, or string of words, and create your editing notes, just like this:

This is a great way for team members to communicate quick instructions with one another. It’s also an easy way to include a quick reminder for yourself in an email. Here’s a quick movie about how it works:


Gmail Notes are great for:

Give it a try today by tapping on the button below.


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