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Free Merry Christmas Card Greetings


It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and you’re looking for a way to share the holiday spirit with your customers, your colleagues, your friends, and your family. Thankfully, it’s never been easier than with free Merry Christmas Cards by cloudHQ.

Ever have trouble sending or receiving an ecard? It’s pretty common: most ecards route you through a third party service, and if they ever make it past your spam folder into your inbox, you’ll still have to leave your email to open the cards. That’s a hassle we don’t have time for.

When you install this Chrome extension, you can send fun, heartfelt Christmas greetings directly through your Gmail account, and—best of all—your recipients will be able to open their ecard without visiting an external website. They’ll receive it just like they would a regular email, which means there’s no spam, and no ads to hinder their experience.

Take a look at how easy it is to use:

Why Merry Christmas eCards by cloudHQ?

Why Merry Christmas eCards by cloudHQ? It’s personal, reliable, and EASY.

How many times have you seen an eCard in your email from an eCard company, “via” someone you know, with an awkward subject-heading and a link to click so you can open it, and you say… “I’m gonna let this one pass!”

That won’t happen here. When you send eCards directly through Gmail, your message will send with your name as the sender like it would in a normal email. There’s no link to click; the eCard is right there in the body of the message. Now you KNOW they’ll get your Christmas wishes.

Customizable Free Christmas Greetings

With a variety of Christmas eCards to choose from, you pick what holiday message you want to send. But once the eCard shows up in your email draft, you can make any edits you like. Personalized cards feel more special than cookie-cutter ones that you can’t touch up, and you’ll have more freedom to send the right message.

Stay Connected With Your Customer Base

During the holiday season, our schedules can look like snowstorms! Everyone is so busy working, shopping, and attending parties that something or someone who isn’t right in front of them can easily slip their mind. But now you can make sure YOUR clients and customers know you’re thinking of them! Send a Merry Christmas e-card—directly from your email to theirs—and you’ll cut right through the blizzard.

How Does Free Christmas Ecards Work?

Free Merry Christmas cards makes it easy to send your Christmas wishes to the people in your life. As you can see, it’s as easy as sending a normal email—and because it’s already written, it might be even easier.

So, try it out! And spread some holiday cheer. You’ll end up smiling before you click send.



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