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Free Merry Christmas Email Templates

Christmas is a magical time to reach out to your contacts with well thought out Merry Christmas email templates. With the hustle bustle of making sure that everything is just right, it’s sometimes hard to come up with the perfect witty thing to say.

At cloudHQ, we take the guesswork out of writing a professional email holiday greeting. We’ve created free holiday email templates for you to use as your very own resource. Sending out Merry Christmas cards and Happy New Year greeting cards have never been so easy!

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Select from a wide variety of email templates to find the right one for your work contacts, family and friends. You can:

🎄 Save emails that you received as your own template to customize
🎄 Create your own email templates with our intuitive HTML editor
🎄 Select from any one of our email templates in our free template library
🎄 Import email templates from MailChimp
🎄 Share your email templates our with your team

And because this is fully integrated with Gmail, you can just send your holiday greeting right from your email.


More Templates

There are just 4 steps to get started.

Step 1. Install Gmail Email Templates

Go to the Chrome web store and click on “Add to Chrome”.

Step 2. Open “Gmail Email Templates”

You can access Christmas email templates by clicking on the top right hand new icon in your Gmail inbox.

Step 3. Select an Email Template

A pop up box will appear and you’ll have 3 tabs:

  1. Free templates
  2. My templates
  3. MailChimp templates
  4. Gmail Drafts

Go to the “Free templates” tab and type “Christmas” in the search box. You will find all the Christmas email templates pop up and you can scroll through them until you find the one you like. When you hover over it, you’ll see 4 boxes appear. Select the box to the left to download it into your Gmail email.

Step 4. Customize and Send!

Scroll down the email template until you find the text portion, and click on it to customize the message. You can also change out images for your own, and include a your subject line.
Just click on “close editor” in the top left hand corner when you’re done, and this beautiful email template will embed right into your email!

You can save this template for future use, copy any emails you received, or share this email template with the rest of the team so that they can use it with their contacts the company can have one uniform brand.

With that, we wish you all very happy and fulfilling holidays, and all the best for 2022!

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