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Free: Share the Love With Valentine’s Day Email Templates


Aside for Christmas, Valentine’s Day is the top grossing holiday in the United States- with expected spends of up to $19.6 Billion in the US for 2018:

Maybe you forgot to get something for your top VIP customers? Or worse, even for your sweetie?

Save time and energy from re-inventing the wheel. Let our library of visually appealing designs spruce up any of your emails.

Free Valentine’s Day Email Template Library

Gmail Email Templates is a library of email templates that you get to customize in seconds. They’re beautiful, free, and you can choose from over 15 new templates!

You can send out emails for:

  1. Valentine’s Day events
    • Dinner
    • Trip Getaways
    • Spa massages
  2. Valentine’s Day sales
    • Lingerie
    • Candles
    • Home decor
  3. A beautiful sweet Valentine to your sweetheart

Here’s a quick movie in under 3 minutes to show you just how easy it is to use:

See how easily you can personalize any of your email templates to include your own images, and unique message? You can even put together a collage of special moments if you’re sending this to your Honey.

Gmail Email Templates are fully integrated within Gmail making it possible to click a button and quickly choose templates you have created or one of our premier designs without ever opening a new window. Think about how impressed your date will be at the office when they get your email before your dinner date.

*Pro-tip: And for all you marketing pros out there who want to send your email template to more than just a small list of VIPs, try MailKing, our super intelligent email marketing campaign manager.

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