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How to Get an Email Link for Gmail


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Have you ever needed to share an email outside of email? Now you can share them through: Skype, Slack, MS Teams, Messenger, WhatsApp, and more. Learn how our secure email link sharing works — it’s simpler and easier than you think.

Secure Email Link Sharing with a Single Click

You’ve received an email and need to send it to multiple people. Rather than hunting down their email addresses and forwarding them, you can simply create a secure link. Once you’ve installed cloudHQ’s email link sharing extension, you can share any email on the fly.


Get Email Links for Gmail

The advantages of cloudHQ’s secure link-sharing solution:

By sending a secure, shareable email link, you can share the contents of an email without potentially compromising your email address. You can send links to be shared with others without having to know the recipient. And you have the peace of mind that only the information in the email will be shared.

How to Get an Email Link to a Specific Email in Gmail

To share Gmail emails, you just need to install a Chrome extension. Once you install the Chrome extension, click the link icon at the top of an email to copy the link to your clipboard. You can then paste it anywhere you want, just like sharing a Google Doc or a Google Sheet. cloudHQ’s Email Link Sharing extension fills a gap in the Google suite, making it easier than ever to start sharing emails with your clients, vendors, and team.

The Advantages of Secure Email Link URLs

When you use secure email link sharing, you don’t share the original email; you share a copy of it. Your email access remains safe and secure, but you share the entire content without having to copy and paste it. Your team can view that link at any time, so they remain on the same page as you. Integrate your secure email links into your project management system, so everyone has the information they need to do their work.

Secure email links will help you:

Until now, the alternative was to forward documents, which requires you to know the email address of all the recipients. In today’s fast-paced world, it’s more likely that you will be working through Slack, MS Teams, or a project management solution.

How to Share an Email Link: Where Can You Share?

A secure cloudHQ email link will work anywhere a regular link would. You can include your cloudHQ link in:

In short, cloudHQ’s secure email app will let you link out to secured email content anywhere a regular web link could go. You can process these links in anything from Microsoft PowerPoint to a live website, making it a simple and fast solution for sharing emails without having to copy and paste the content or find everyone’s email addresses.

The information in your email account shouldn’t be siloed. As more people are working in remote teams, cross-functional teams, and global teams, it becomes necessary to share information with ease. Whether you’re in the real estate, finance, health, education, or non-profit sector, secure email link sharing improves productivity while increasing security.

cloudHQ provides an extraordinary array of tools, micro-tools, and utilities to keep you productive at work. Explore the cloudHQ suite for more opportunities to get your job done — without any additional complexity.

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