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Google Introduces New AI Features in Google Workspace to Catch Up in the Tech Race

Google has introduced a range of AI features that prove it is anything but behind in the race for generative AI. The search engine giant is set to introduce new features in Google Slides, Sheets, Docs, and Gmail to streamline their use.

Among the many benefits they offer, the new AI takes a page from ChatGPT by generating text based on prompts. Currently, the new features are only available to a select number of users since it is in the testing phase.

The tools are ideal for professionals in Human Resources, parents drafting invitations for their kids’ birthday parties, and anyone who wants to take the hassle out of crafting professional emails. The new features will allow users to generate text for emails using bullet points and add audio, imagery, and videos to make presentations more engaging in Slides.

How Developers Benefit from Google’s New AI Features

Besides the general public, Google’s new AI features are also designed to aid developers who wish to build and customize apps and models using AI models. This includes PaLM, which is available through Google Cloud. The aim is to aid developers who wish to keep their organizations secure against existing and sophisticated threats.

Some of the AI solutions that Google offers to developers include the following:

Generative AI for Vertex AI

Google’s Vertex AI platform is a hit with most developers and businesses. The AI can be used to create and launch machine learning models and other AI applications per scale. It has been updated to offer foundation models which can be used to generate images and text. With time, it may also offer video and audio. Using these features, all Google Cloud customers can create and alter prompts, tweak them as per data, and deploy apps in minutes.

Generative AI-Powered App Builder

Using Google’s generative AI app builder, developers can ship new experiences. These include personalized search engines, chat interfaces, bots, digital assistants, and more. Developers with access to these AI models will be able to create new apps quickly and more efficiently. Using the AI, developers can build apps that can infer user intentions via their queries and generate appropriate responses without compromising data sovereignty. Plus, with granular control, they can also guide customers to the right answers irrespective of the duration of the interaction.

Here is a complete list of AI features that Google promises will be introduced in Workspace:

Besides offering these AI features, Google has also confirmed that it is working with new tech partners to ensure customers can have a single platform for building apps using AI.

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