How Google Team Drive Protects Your Business’ Intellectual Property


Did your coworker ever forget to give you editing permissions for a document that you were both working on?

Or maybe they suddenly stopped working on your team, and accidentally took their files with them?

With Google Team Drive, your files are team-owned and not personally owned; making it indispensable for any business. Here are 4 benefits it offers that are hard to ignore:

  1. Training new employees is much easier,
  2. Team members’ files are always accessible,
  3. Document permissions are easier to manage, and
  4. Searching for files is a breeze with Google’s new machine learning algorithm.

Knowing how invaluable Google Team Drive is for many of you, we here at cloudHQ decided to offer support for it in our free Gmail add-ons. Here are 2 of them that we think you’ll like:

1. Save Your Emails to Google Team Drive in 1 Click

Not only can you do exactly as the title suggests (saving certain emails to Google Drive in 1 click), but you can now also save your email to your Google Team Drive, which allows a group of coworkers to view emails that you think they should see.

For example, it’s helpful to share your emails in a PDF format with your:

  • Accounts receivable department for all your email receipts in a neat Excel format.
    *Reminder: You probably have Uber ride email receipts that you should get reimbursed for.
  • Project team who needs to know what kind of correspondence you’ve had with a: client, contractor, supplier, or even a candidate.

Try it by clicking on the button below.

And sometimes, you don’t want to work in Google Drive. Maybe you prefer Microsoft Office 365, or Dropbox Paper, or whatever application you fancy. That brings us to our second Gmail add-on:

2. Sync and Migrate Dropbox, OneDrive, Box into Google Team Drive

Sync and Migrate Google Drive” lets you sync your Google Team Drive with any of your other cloud storage accounts like Dropbox for Business, Box, Sharepoint, OneDrive, or Amazon S3 (we play nice with 11 different storage services).

Keep a personal copy for yourself, and don’t be the team bottleneck.

By synchronizing your Google Team Drive folder, you’ll always have a personal folder copy that is up-to-date and accessible from your preferred cloud app. For this example, let’s imagine that app is Dropbox.

Once synchronized, anytime you work in Dropbox Paper, your teammates will always have real-time access to your work in Google Team Drive, even if you didn’t do anything in Google Drive, and you will avoid being the team bottleneck by automating such mundane work.

  • Tip: Folder synchronization is also really helpful for team members who live in places where Google Drive is blocked, like China.

Try it today by clicking on the button below.


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