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Happy Mother’s Day Cards Right From Your Phone!

Happy Mother's Day! Come get free mothers day cards and email templates on your mobile today

Send Thoughtful Mother’s Day cards using free email templates built to work right out of your Gmail inbox.

It’s Mother’s Day! And this year has been especially rough on them. Much of the work at home fell on women during the quarantine, and mothers in particular, according to NPR.

They’ve had to endure more responsibilities by juggling homeschooling the kids with remote learning, cooking and tidying up the house, while having to work remotely at their own jobs. Moms all over the world are feeling overwhelmed and can use some acknowledgement on Mother’s Day.

That’s why we have the perfect way for you to send a happy Mother’s Day card to your mom, wife, and all the mothers on your email list.

We recently added over two dozen Mother’s Day cards to Email Templates by cloudHQ — and you can use them for free!

Here’s a quick look at how to use them:


If you have a Gmail account or a work email hosted through Google Workspace, you can use our templates to send any type of  message, including a:

Happy Mother’s Day Cards and Email Templates

If you’re using the mobile Gmail app, you can access our free Mother’s Day Cards on your phone by installing the Email Templates by cloudHQ app from the Google Workspace app store.

All you have to do is:

  1. Open a new email message in Gmail from your phone
  2. Tap on the three dots in the upper right corner of the compose email screen
  3. Select “Insert from Templates by cloudHQ” on the bottom menu to access our library of ecards and select one
  4. Edit the text to customize your message
  5. Send your email as your normally would

You can also access, edit, and even create beautiful html email templates on your desktop computer while in your Gmail app on your Chrome browser. Just create a cloudHQ account from the mobile app, and we’ll ensure you’ll have all the extra features our email templates has to offer you, like:

Install Email Templates in Just Seconds!

Our free email templates can be installed in just a few clicks on your computer or your mobile device.

Pick the perfect design, add your message, and send your email in just a few minutes.

Try it for yourself — and let all the mothers in your network know just how much you appreciate them for all that they do!

Get Free Mother’s Day Cards and Email Templates

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