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Here is one more reason why you should backup your Google Docs….

Here is one more  reason why should continuously synchronize your Google Docs with Dropbox… We don’t think it is smart to stop using Google and migrate to some other service since other services probably can make the same mistake. The best approach is to continuously synchronize all documents you have in Google Docs with Dropbox: your data is in one more cloud service and it is also replicated to your home computer…

So I had imported all of my other email accounts, hotmail, yahoo, etc., into that one Gmail account. I had spent roughly four months slowly consolidating my entire online presence, email accounts, banking info, student records, etc., into that one Google account, having determined it to be reliable. That means in terms of information, approximately 7 years of correspondence, over 4,800 photographs and videos, my Google Voice messages, over 500 articles saved to my Google Reader account for scholarship purposes (a side-note: when I closed my original Reader account to consolidate everything in my one reliable account bearing my name I re-saved several hundred of the articles myself, by hand, one by one to this new account. The one you have closed and from which I have now lost all of the articles.) I have lost all of my bookmarks, having used Google bookmarks. I had migrated my bookmarks from computer to computer, a couple hundred of them, for maybe six years and I finally uploaded them all to Google bookmarks, happy to have found a solution to migrating them and happy to be safeguarded from their loss. I have also lost over 200 contacts. Many of which I do not have backups of. I have also lost access to my Docs account with shared documents and backups of inventory files.

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