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How Businesses Wish Customers Happy Valentine’s Day

Most salespeople and businesses wish their customers a Happy Valentine’s Day, and today we’re going to explore two very different ways to do exactly that.

How Businesses Wish Customers Happy Valentine’s Day

Whether you’re a business wanting to wish your customers a Happy Valentine’s Day, or just a thoughtful Sales Representative who wants to stay top of mind with their clients, there are 2 simple ways to say Happy Valentine’s Day, with 2 very different outcomes.


1. Valentine’s Day Cards for Professionals

A greeting card for any holiday event is a smart idea to ensure that you build a relationship with your customers. Even if you don’t expect for them to buy anything immediately, the goal is to create enough of a comfortable relationship that they would be open to closing larger deals with you at a later time. It’s a simple ideology called relationship building. In that case, we would suggest that you send your clients a Happy Valentine’s Day greeting card, just say hello and wish them well. It’s a small gesture that can pay out very handsomely because most other reps or professionals don’t usually bother with it.

Send Your Customers a Valentine’s Day Greeting Card

2. Valentine’s Day Promotional Emails

Many businesses enjoy holding a fun Valentine’s Day Sale for whatever they happen to sell. Their sale could be for physical items, or for specific services offered. Whatever the case, a Valentine’s Day sale goes beyond just a neglige or box of chocolates nowadays. You can offer anything at all with a discount so that you can increase your sales numbers. Making the case for a tempting offer is fun and increases your bottom line, not to mention that you’ll also please your customers who partake in the sale.

Create Your Valentine’s Day Promotional Email

Many businesses look for reliable email marketing software to communicate with their customers. Unfortunately, most marketing emails get sent by 3rd party servers dedicated to mass email sending, and so they often wind up in their customers’ spam folder.

With MailKing’s email marketing software, your email marketing campaign gets sent directly from your Gmail account, ensuring that your emails are delivered to your customer’s inbox. These marketing campaigns are designed for email lists under 10,000 emails. If that sounds like your email list size, find an email template you’d like to customize, and send your customers a Happy Valentine’s Day card today.

Famous business rules: Always engage in relationship building, and always be selling.

Happy Valentine’s Day! ❤️


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