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How Marketers Can Use ChatGPT to Their Advantage

When we introduced the tool in our previous article, we discussed how useful it is to create promotional content. But can it replace humans?

While artificial intelligence beats our struggle to overcome writer’s block, most users realize that chatbots can’t capture our unique perspective and creative energy. If you have hit a steep learning curve in your marketing journey, we can help.

Our guide teaches you how marketers can use ChatGPT to produce premium-quality content at a consistent pace.

Here’s a foolproof plan to get started.

Be Purposeful and Precise

ChatGPT might mimic human language well, but it’s only as great as your prompt. Without context, the AI-driven tool will churn nonsensical content based on stored data. There’s a high chance the generated content isn’t relevant to your niche audience.

Savvy marketers provide ChatGPT with more context. You can do the same by setting result-oriented goals to ensure the deliverables hit the mark.

Here’s a checklist that can help you write a good prompt:

So instead of saying, “write an article on digital marketing,” instruct the AI tool to draft something more specific.

For instance, you can say:

“I need an article on digital marketing for realtors focusing on social media marketing tactics. Ensure the tone is conversational, and add facts and figures to support the argument. Write everything in an HTML format. Include 1 news backlink to support your argument and add 2 backlinks to direct readers to other relevant articles on”

The more context you share, the better AI gets at understanding your unique needs.

Use Fresh Formats to Captivate Audiences

There are limitless possibilities on how marketers can use ChatGPT to achieve desired goals. Feel free to experiment and explore your options by asking the OpenAI chatbot to vary its writing style or change its output format.

You can use the chatbot to:

Producing persuasive and promotional content in varying formats allows you to use the AI tool to its full potential.

You can even write marketing emails with ChatGPT by sharing a short content brief for the newsletter. Or instruct the AI chatbot to write follow-up messages or a killer subject line. These deliverables will inspire you to create something unique and engaging.

That said, changing the format remains one part of the equation. You still need to feed key points and use your market knowledge to refine the content. Your directions ensure the chatbot doesn’t stray from the main topic and generates creative, compelling, and conversion-worthy content every time.

Don’t Lose Your Unique Voice and Perspective

Millions of marketers are integrating the OpenAI chatbot to drive content creation. And while the chatbot produces content at blazingly fast speed, some things could be improved, like the lack of personality and originality in the generated message.

Remember that you’re still leading the marketing campaign.

Don’t let the intelligent tool drown your creative, spirited, and witty takes on industry trends and consumer insights. Instead, use your knowledge and copywriting skills to differentiate your marketing material from competitors.

Harvard Business Review asks users to adopt a “human-machine hybrid” approach. You can balance the AI’s speedy delivery and your personable writing this way.

Refine the end product by providing constructive feedback to the chatbot. Ask it to make the content more “reader-focused,”share “industry-specific examples,”and share human-writing tips it can follow.

Keep creating, critiquing, and repeating the process until you reach a satisfactory result.

Over to You

Long story short, you need to think outside the box when you use ChatGPT for marketing. Don’t be afraid to play with prompts, use your writing style as a reference, and explore experimental concepts to generate content.

An innovative approach is vital to break free from the generic AI code and receive unique content that connects with your target audience.

We end this guide with a cheat code to write marketing emails with ChatGPT. Click here to unlock strategies that tip the scales in your favor.

Have fun!

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