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How to Create a Gmail Account if I Already Have One

how to create a gmail account

how to create a gmail account

When you set up a free Gmail account, Google provides you access to its long line of products such as online office suite, email service, cloud storage, etc. There are a plethora of benefits to creating yourself a Google account. If you’re using it for business reasons, Google’s line of products of office suite includes the ability to create documents, presentations, spreadsheets and websites.

You get an automatic 15GB of storage for free with a Google account that can be used on Gmail, Docs, Photos and Drives. If 15GB of storage is just not enough, you can purchase a paid plan to get more space. There is so much to enjoy with a Gmail account, so why would you not want to learn how to create a new Gmail account?

How To Create A Gmail Account

The great thing about setting up a brand new Gmail account is that it takes minutes and can be done via a desktop, smartphone or other mobile devices. What do you do?

Go to your preferred web browser and visit the Gmail site. If you’re on a desktop machine, go to the top-right hand corner and hit “Create an Account.” For mobile devices, it’s a “Get Gmail” button at the bottom of your screen. A new page will open, and you’ll need to fill out the following information:

  1. First Name
  2. Last Name
  3. Username:
    This will become a part of your email address
  4. Password
  5. Confirm Password

Hit “Next” at the bottom.

Afterward, you will get a “Welcome to Google” page where you will enter the following information:

  1. Gender
  2. Birthdate
  3. Phone number:
    This will help in recovering your account if you happen to lose access to it
  4. Recovery email address:
    This helps in the event you lock yourself out of your account and need to recover it

Once again, hit the “Next” button.

Google’s “Privacy and Terms” page will then open. Make sure to carefully read over it before hitting the “I Accept” button.

Your Google account has been created, and the site will automatically send you to the Gmail home screen. Your first email will be from Google itself. This account can be used on any Google–related program.

After Your Gmail Account Has Been Created

To streamline your Gmail account, there are a number of things to consider doing. For example, add contacts to Gmail so you can easily find them and stay in touch. Connect an email client such as Outlook, so it’s using your new email account.

Second Gmail Account?

If you need to set up a second Gmail account, your device can be configured so that you have access to both. This allows you to toggle between both to see emails you have received. Do you wonder how to forward your emails from a Gmail account to another? If you have a work Gmail account and a personal one, you can simply hit the “ Forward” button and type in the email address you want the email to go to.

You can also delete an old Gmail email address you don’t want anymore to make your second one the primary account. Ensure that you secure your Gmail account to keep it from being hacked.

How to Forward Emails to New Gmail Account

Starting with an entirely fresh Gmail account can be daunting and you may want to transfer emails to another email address. For that, you can use Multi-Forward Email by cloudHQ and forward everything over in one just a few clicks.

Forward emails to new Gmail account
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