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How to Delete Your Google Account

How to Delete Your Google Account

How to Delete Your Google Account

Setting up a new Google Account is easy. With a name and email address, you can instantly set up a Google Account, sign in, and start utilizing all of the Google services.

Change your mind? It’s just as simple to delete your Google Account whenever you choose.

However, before you hit the delete function, spend a few minutes learning what “delete” really means.

Be aware that if you delete your Google Account, all the data and content you currently have in your account will disappear. For example, emails, photos, contact information, and files – it’ll also disappear once you delete them. Also, you’ll no longer have access to any of the Google services you may have accessed with that account, such as Gmail, Drive, or Wallet.

Step 1: Download your important info

Before you delete your Google Account, it’s important to review the information in your account and ensure you have backups of the content you wish to keep.

If you use your Gmail address for services such as social media, banking, or third-party applications, it’s essential to change to a new address before you delete it. This ensures you have access to all your accounts without interruption in services.

If you wish to keep all emails in your current Gmail database, you can use Multi Email Forward by cloudHQ. Multi Email Forward allows you to forward all your emails in your Gmail account to another email inbox of your choosing.

It’s easy to do:

  1. Start by installing Multi Email Forward from cloudHQ.
  2. Next, click on all the emails you wish to forward from your Gmail account. Select the box at the top of your emails. For your entire inbox, select “All.”
  3. When you click on the Forward arrow, it will give you a series of prompts.
  4. Choose “Migrate all emails” to start the process.
  5. You’ll need to select a destination email address where you want the emails to migrate.
  6. Then click “Setup Gmail to Gmail migration,” where you’ll be able to authorize your destination account.
  7. Once approved, your emails will forward to your new email address.

Whether you have ten emails or a thousand, they will start to transfer to your new account via the cloud. So you can move on to other projects knowing your emails will all move effortlessly to their new location.

And if you ever want to learn more about the transfer status, you can always click on the cloudHQ dashboard icon.

Step 2: Delete your account

Once you’re sure you’ve moved all of your files, data, and content to new locations, you can delete your Google Account.

  1. Visit the Data & Privacy page of your Google Account.
  2. Be sure you’re signed in, then scroll to “Your data & privacy options.”
  3. From the “More Options” prompt, click on “Delete your Google Account.”
  4. Follow the instructions to remove your account.

If you’ve accidentally deleted an account or changed your mind after deleting it, you may be able to recover your data. Follow the Google prompts to learn more.

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