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How to Draw Dr Martin Luther King Jr for MLK Day 2024

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Today is Dr Martin Luther King Jr Day of Service, and we’re honoring him with a tutorial of “How to Draw Dr Martin Luther King” with our newest digital drawing extension Tiny Sketchbook by cloudHQ.

The free sketch Chrome extension lets anyone who has a Chrome browser access, create, collaborate and share their digital art doodle drawings. On MLK Day, we are showcasing how it can be used for social impact art.

For example, here’s a quick art tutorial to help you celebrate MLK Day, and we hope that you enjoy creating social impact art on a day as meaningful as this one.












In the digital art world, the most prominent artistic drawing apps are only accessible through expensive hardware such as an iPad and iPad pencil. However, many schools have opted for the Chromebook, a more inexpensive option to the Apple iPad.

The cost of hardware is a socioeconomic limitation that restricts accessibility, and art in general. Tiny Sketchbook is trying to change those limitations by offering a drawing extension that works out of any Chrome browser, and is completely free to use. If you need step-by-step instructions, please refer to this blog post that walks you through how to use Tiny Sketchbook.

On this MLK Day, we hope that you enjoy partaking in this fun way to celebrate Dr. King and his vision for an equitable future.

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