How to Forward Your Emails to Another Email Account in Just a Few Clicks

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Sending one email to many recipients is relatively easy, but the opposite is very difficult: forward all your emails to a new email account. Now that’s where you will need help.

Like other email services, Gmail does not allow selecting multiple emails and sending them in a single go. What happens when you need to send several emails to one recipient?

cloudHQ has the answer with the Gmail Multi Email Forward Chrome extension that facilitates the transfer of multiple emails to another email address with just a few clicks.

Why Use Gmail Multi Email Forward By cloudHQ

Stats show that nearly 60 billion junk emails will be sent every day over the next four years. For many email users the only feasible solution is signing up for a new email account – but what about the important emails left behind in the old account?

As per a study, one in three people changed their email addresses annually to avoid spammers due to a job change or because of a change in their internet service provider.

On the other hand, some like to use different email addresses for different purposes For example, filtering out essential documents such as reconciliations and P&L accounts within separate emails to legal advisors and internal auditors.

These are just some of the reasons why there is a dire need for a powerful multi-email forwarding software. Instead of going through the daunting process of sending separate emails one-by-one to the same email address a multi email forwarder can automate the process and do it for you with a few clicks.

How To Quickly Transfer Emails From One Gmail Account To Another?

If both the email addresses are yours, then Google does allow you to transfer emails from one account to another via a synchronization process – but what happens when multiple emails need to be forwarded to someone else?

Simply add the Multi Email Forward by CloudHQ extension to Google Chrome from the Chrome Web Store.

CloudHQ’s extension allows users to copy, migrate, and forward emails in three simple steps.

  1. Select the emails to be forwarded
  2. Click the Multi email forward button – choose one of the given options.
  3. The emails are transferred within seconds

The extension provides several unique solutions, such as:

✓ Sending all selected emails separately
✓ Combining all selected emails into a single email
✓ Sending a single email with all selected emails converted into a single PDF
✓ Sending all emails within a label
✓ Sending all emails within a chosen filter
✓ Migrating all emails from the current account to another Gmail account

Benefits Of Using CloudHQ’s Gmail Multi Email Forward Extension

Using this extension is quite simple and requires no special instructions or training.

It gives you the ability to forward hundreds of emails seamlessly – without being flagged by Google for exhausting the daily 100 to 150 email forwarding limit.

A User-Friendly Solution

There are no hidden steps to initiate the process – the extension does not require you to install an API or secret keys. Just add the extension to your browser for added functionality.

It also comes with a dashboard that provides a detailed report of all emails forwarded through the extension.

It Runs On The Cloud

Once the forwarder initiates the process, it runs on the cloud to execute the command. Simply put, you can close your Gmail or even the PC, and the transferring process will continue uninterrupted. The extension runs in the background without any delays, and its status can be viewed from the provided dashboard.

Perfect For Chromebooks Users

Chromebooks run Google’s Chrome OS, with most of its apps and documents living in the cloud.

Multi Email Forward Extension by CloudHQ also runs on the cloud without the need for desktop-based software, so Chromebook users don’t have to worry about email migration.

Onboarding New Employees Made Easy

Onboarding can be a tedious process for many businesses – employees need to be trained and guided about their roles and what the company does.

With CloudHQ’s extension, all training material can be e-mailed to the new employee in a single go – ensuring more efficient and smooth operations for the HR.

Save Emails As Notes

Note-taking systems like OneNote can save emails as notes. Just use the Gmail Multi Email Forward extension to send a set of emails to your note-taking software.

The Free Plan Does Plenty

The free plan is ideal for an individual or a small business that need to send out no more than 50 emails per day.

If you need to forward several hundred emails, spread them over a few days or invest in the premium plan.

Go Premium To Get The Most From The ‘Gmail Multi Email Forward’ Extension

CloudHQ gives you powerful functionality and complete control over your email forwarding abilities with the premium version – send as many emails as needed and migrate as many accounts as required.

With a dedicated cloud platform, you can transfer your whole inbox without fearing connection breaks or battery issues.
CloudHQ is committed to serving you around the clock – premium customers can expect 24/7 services. Reach out via phone or email and get prompt guidance from a dedicated team of professionals who care about your needs.

Overall, if you are looking for a one-stop email forwarding and migrating solution – Multi Email Forward by CloudHQ can do it seamlessly with a click of a button and without hurting your efficiency or productivity.

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