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Mailto: How to Make Gmail Your Default Email in Chrome


It’s a familiar problem, but we have the answer.

You’re browsing the internet when, suddenly, you see a “Contact Us” link you’ve been looking for: a link to write that very person or organization you need to get in touch with. So, you click on it with an expectant gleam in your eye…

And you’re rerouted. To iCloud Mail. Or to Microsoft Outlook.

Unfortunately, your operating system directs all “mailto:” links to its own email client. So, if you don’t just give up and move on, you’ll have to wait while the new program window boots up. Then (if you can even remember your password), you sign in to check what email address you’re writing to; you copy it; open your Gmail; paste it in…and FINALLY start your letter.

That all ends now!

Meet your new best friend Mailto: Set Default Email to Gmail by cloudHQ.

With a one-click download, you’ll never run into this problem again. This handy extension will make it so all online email address links open right from your Gmail (or your G Suite account)—right away. Just click on the mailto: link, and your Gmail will open on its own with a fresh, new “Compose” box addressed to your recipient.

This extension is great for:

✅Large organizations that use G Suite, and who wants to ensure that all employees compose emails from their work emails, and don’t accidentally send emails from their private email accounts (e.g. iCloud, Outlook, or personal Gmail accounts)
✅ Gmail users who don’t want to use any other email clients besides their Gmail
✅ Gmail users who are left wondering why clicking on email links just never seems to work!

Key features of “Mailto: Set Default Email to Gmail by cloudHQ”

  • Supports multiple Gmail accounts including Google Suite accounts
  • Allows you to configure for a default email (Gmail or G Suite)
  • Works on any page: includes Javascript-inserted links
  • Option to open in a new window or inside an existing Gmail tab
  • Includes option to expand bcc and cc fields

How It Works

  • Download the extension from the Google Chrome Webstore here
  • Click the “Mailto: Set Default Email to Gmail by cloudHQ” icon to configure your settings
  • Click on a link and starting writing!

With Gmail mailto: by cloudHQ, there’s no more getting exhausted searching for email addresses, and no more scratching your head when nothing happens after clicking a link.

Your time is precious: save it!

So, go ahead! Install it today, it’s free and only one of our many free Google Chrome extensions that we offer!

cloudHQ. Helping your productivity, 1 click at a time.

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