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How to Migrate from to Gmail Label and Email Sharing


Sadly,, a fellow Gmail Label Sharing service, announced that they’re shutting down on May 15. Fortunately, Gmail Label and Email Sharing works in the same way as did.

Here’s a quick movie to show how easy it is to share your Gmail labels:

It also takes the place of expensive CRM and complicated email collaboration tools.

How to Migrate from to Gmail Label and Email Sharing by cloudHQ

Gmail Label and Email Sharing lets you share emails and labels with your colleagues. You can collaborate and work directly from within Gmail without ever having to leave your inbox!

Here’s how to get set up below as a new user of label sharing services.

*Tip: For old users, you’ll want to see these instructions.

1. Install Gmail Label and Email Sharing

Navigate to the Chrome Web Store and click the blue Add to Chrome button.

2. Share a Label

Next, from inside Gmail, click the “Share Label” button that now appears at the top of the screen.

A window will pop up, allowing you to create a new label, or select an existing one.

Enter the email contacts you’d like to share your label with. Then, click the blue “Share Label” button.

Everyone you list will receive an email inviting them to share the label, which will appear in the left-hand column of their Gmail.

3. Share an Existing Label

Just like, you can also share an existing label with your team members. Navigate to the left-hand column in Gmail and hover your mouse over the three dots to the right of the label. Then, click once.

A drop-down menu will appear. Click “Share label…” and enter the contacts you’d like to share the label with.

When Should I Use Gmail Label and Email Sharing?

Gmail Label and Email Sharing allows you and your team to collaborate on emails without ever leaving Gmail. Here are three ways you can use the tool to collaborate with your team:

1. Sales CRM

Why spend money every month on a CRM subscription when you can instantly delegate sales leads as they appear in your inbox?

Create a “Sales leads” label, then send an email invite to your sales reps.

Whenever a new lead comes through the pipeline, add it to the label, and it will instantly appear in their inbox.

2. Internal Custom Workflow

Many businesses use custom workflows to manage and stay on top of projects. You can create several labels such as:

This lets you and your team see exactly where each project is at a glance.

*Tip: If you’re an IT administrator of your G Suite domain, you can even set it up for your entire team easily with these instructions.

3. Managing Contractors or Freelancers

If you’re working with contractors or freelancers outside your company, you can quickly and easily manage emails and communications by creating the one or more of the following labels:

This will help ensure that all of your documents, conversations, and assets are easily accessible by all team members.

Great for Team Collaboration!

Gmail Label and Email Sharing helps you and your team stay organized and on top of projects without the need for overly complicated CRM or collaboration software.

Regardless of how you choose to use it, you’ll love having the ability to create labels and share emails directly from within Gmail!

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