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How to sync Basecamp and Google Docs

If you want that cloudHQ automatically uploads Google Docs documents into Basecamp, the best is to sync your entire Basecamp account with a dedicated Google Docs collection and then you can just put files into <collection_name>/<project_name>/Files (attached to Project)/<category name> and the new files will automatically uploaded to Basecamp.
Here is how to accomplish this:
  • Go to Synchronization tab. Click on “Add Synchronization Pair”. That will take you to
  • Click on the Google Docs icon
  • In next step, click on Add Google Docs (or select your Google Docs account if it is already configured)
  • Now, create a new Google Doc collection which will be dedicated for files which will be uploaded to Basecamp. So click on “Create Folder” and create a new folder. You can name this folder “GDocs_Basecamp”
  • Then select the newly created collection (“GDocs_Basecamp”) and press “Select Folder’
  • On this step, you need to select your Basecamp account which will be sync’d with selected Google Docs collection. So click on the Basecamp icon.
  • In next step, click on Add Basecamp (or select your Basecamp account if it is already configured)


  • Now, just select top-level Basecamp folder: This folder contains all project, files and messages from your Basecamp account. Or you could select just a project or portion of a project. Click on the ”Select Folder” button.
  • Click on ‘Synchronize Continuously’ to start synchronization

cloudHQ will copy your Basecamp data into Google Docs collection “GDocs_Basecamp” and create required folder structure.

So wait for the first sync to finish (you will receive an email).

Now you can just go to Google Docs (, select files you want to upload to Basecamp, click on “Organize” and add your files to GDocs_Basecamp/<project_name>/Files (attached to Project)/<category name> collection: these files will be automatically uploaded to Basecamp. Also each time you modify these files, a new version of files will be uploaded to Basecamp. 

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