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How to Work Smarter With New Features in Google Docs, and Get Free Google Docs Templates


Google Docs has come a long way over the years — remember the early days of Microsoft Word with the blinking paperclip? Gone are the days of stagnant, text-only word processors. These days, Google Docs comes with a whole suite of features, like the ability to collect all your emails that will help you work smarter, not harder.

Here are several ways to utilize new features in Google Docs, increase your productivity, and save time in your workday.

New Features in Google Docs

1. Export Emails to Google Docs

With the Export Emails to Google Docs free Chrome extension, you can quickly consolidate emails into nicely organized Google Docs report. When you need to take critical information from an email to collaborate with team members and colleagues, bringing all this information over can be time-consuming. Send emails to Google Docs to turn messy email threads into neatly organized documents for collaboration or backup.

With this free Chrome extension, you can save individual emails or multiple conversations to Google Docs. Streamline your workflow even further by having a specific Gmail label that automatically and continuously saves your emails to a Google Doc.

Plus, all attachments are saved as well!

2. Free Google Docs Templates

Want to set up your business logo, colors, and fonts as a default Google Docs template? You can easily create branded Google Docs that stand out and increase brand awareness in a few simple steps. With your specific fonts and colors, you’re creating a unified visual design for your company and kicking your communication up a notch.

You can use these free Google Docs templates, and spend a few minutes personalizing it, saving you time and helping get critical documents out the door faster. In it, you’ll find:

1. Timeline templates
2. Stationery templates
3. Resume templates 
4. Lesson Plan templates
5. Invoice templates
6. Invoice Letter templates
7. Flyer templates 
8. Cover letter templates 
9. Brochure templates

Never send a boring, plain Google Doc again.

3. Table of Contents

Tired of scrolling through a long document to find the section you need? Try adding a table of contents on the sidebar to easily navigate through sections.

Simply click Insert → Table of Contents to build this organization into your Google Doc.

4. Keyboard Shortcuts

The fastest way to speed up your typing? Building keyboard shortcuts in your Google Docs. This is incredibly useful for any long phrases or words you frequently type, like your address, company description, bio, and more. You’ll set up a few letters to type, and with keyboard shortcuts, it will auto-populate the rest of the phrase.

Head to Tools → Preferences → Substitutes to start setting up keyboard shortcuts.

5. Name Versions

Going back and forth with team members on edits in a Google Doc? The version history is one of the most useful features in Google Docs, allowing you to quickly revert changes and find the content you might want to add back in. However, since Google Docs autosaves frequently, versions can get very messy. Naming your versions “Mike’s Work” or “Editor Final Changes” makes these much easier to navigate and utilize.

Head to File → Version History → Name A Version to organize your changes and edits.

6. Add Gifs

Visual movement is one of the most dynamic ways to spice up a Google Doc, and Insert → Image → Select A GIF allows you to pop in an animation.

Pick a funny meme, silly expression, or maybe even a movie quote to add some personality to your Google Doc.

Work Smarter With New Google Doc Features

With these new Google Docs features, like Export Email to Google Docs or free Google Docs templates, you’ll speed up your workday, adding valuable hours back into your schedule and creating a professional look and feel to your communication.

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