How To Write A Sales Email That Closes The Deal

email marketing

email marketing

Writing a sales email that converts doesn’t have to be difficult, it just requires you to pay attention to the details. Research shows that recipients choose only to reply to 25% of the 120 emails they receive each day.

In this article, we will show you how to write emails that get recipients to click, open, and take action. We will also demonstrate how to set up email campaigns directly from your Gmail with just a few clicks and send them to multiple clients all at once.

How to Write an Email That Converts

Think of this scenario, you walk into a bookstore and you have plans to select just one book to read out of the numerous titles in the store.
When you’re looking for a book to buy you make your decision based on a myriad of factors. After the cover, you look at the title and author. Then you probably look at the summary of the book on the back before you skim through some of the first pages of the book. This process is exactly what people go through when deciding whether or not to click on an email.

Your sales email recipients might not have that much time to read through your email, from the title to the subject line and the body, it might look like a lot. So tip number one would be to not write bulky emails with long text; have them well structured and short.

Your recipients will pay attention to a few essential elements and will make a surprisingly quick decision about whether to open, ignore, or trash your email.

Our second tip is to pay attention to the following elements a recipient sees before opening any email:

  1. Subject line
    Like the title of a book, your subject line needs to stand out enough to grab attention and spur interest. A common trick is to use all CAPS, emojis 😎, or exclamation marks, however as these trends catch on their use-value begins to diminish. The brevity of your subject line is also extremely important.
    The brevity rule states you keep your subject line short while the content rule states you write subject lines that spur interest. You may include an offer or a sense of urgency.

    Here are some subject lines that have been proven to work:
    – Welcome Gift! Offer inside… 👀
    – DO NOT COMMIT These Marketing Atrocities
    – Hey Bridget, keep this one a secret
    – We saw you checking us out 😏

  2. Preheader Text
    The short line of characters you see after or below the subject line is the preheader text. Again, keep this as short and simple as you can, as this is more of a second opportunity to explain the subject line briefly and clearly.
  3. Sender
    According to a report by the Global Messaging Engagement Report, the sender’s name is the most influential factor in a recipient’s decision to open an email.
    Avoid using a complicated sender’s name, choose a sender’s name that your audience will resonate with. For consultants and freelancers, your potential customers might resonate with your personal name rather than your business name.
  4. Date
    Recipients are real people and they probably have a convenient time when they open emails each day. Send emails when your recipient is most likely to open them. Do not send emails at odd hours, remember the goal is to get your email to the top of their inbox.
  5. Email body
    A sales email body consists of the intro, offer, and call to action (CTA). Optimizing these elements increases the click-through rate.
    Make your intro personalized and straight to the point. Don’t start talking about your company’s history as most people just don’t care.
    Second, make your offer irresistible, 10% off might not usually be worth a recipient’s time. Go big on the offer, it will trigger a response.
    Now that you have triggered a response, you want people to take action. Your CTA might look different for every email but ensure it’s compelling, persuasive, and strong.

How To Send Email And Text Campaigns From Gmail


Start Your Email Campaign

MailKing includes everything you need to automate sales emails directly from your Gmail account. With tons of amazing features, the tool allows you to do the following:

  1. Merge emails from CSV or Excel files.
  2. Send mass emails from a spreadsheet.
  3. Track unlimited opens and clicks.
  4. Import MailChimp templates.
  5. Gives you access to free templates.
  6. Build an email list based on search results.
  7. Personalize name, email, or other data.
  8. Send up to 2000 emails/day based on Gmail send limits.

Trusted by Airbnb, Twitter, and Uber, MailKing is the only easy-to-use tool that allows you to create email campaigns, track, send mobile text campaigns or mass reminders, and measure conversion rates all inside your Gmail.

And guess what? It’s a Google Chrome extension rather than some bulky email web app with tons of pages, buttons, and useless processes, you work from a single Gmail dashboard!

“I was a MailChimp believer for forever…now I’m not so sure. This handy extension maybe my new campaign manager.”
Diana Hammel-Hanks

How to set up Your Email Marketing Campaign in Gmail, in 6 Easy Steps

You can set up this tool in 6 easy steps:

  1. Install the extension from the Google Chrome Store.
  2. Click to open the extension icon on your Google Chrome browser and pin it to the extension bar.
  3. When you want to start an email campaign to multiple clients, click the MailKing Icon at the top left of your Gmail.
  4. You will be redirected to the MailKing dashboard where you can compose, send and track the performance of your email. Click on New Campaign to start.
  5. After clicking on New Campaign, it takes you to the campaign dashboard where you will be able to do the following
    • Upload email from CSV or excel file.
    • Add a contact manually by inputting the email, address, and name.
    • Choose an email template or write on a blank text editor.
    • Enable email tracking.
  6. After composing the email, click Send to send the campaign instantly, Schedule Campaign, or Save for Later to save the campaign.

Sending email and text campaigns have never been easier with MailKing. Level up your business and get MailKing for free here.

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