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Instructions to setup multiple Google Docs accounts

Lets assume that you want to add account and you are registered as (or maybe in cloudHQ. 

Here is the procedure:

  1. Login to (using account):
  2. Go to cloudHQ “Manager Services” tab ( 
  3. In web browser, open a separate tab.
  4. In that new tab, log out from your Google Apps account (that is
  5. Go back to Services tab (
  6. Click on “Google Docs” (under Add Services) in cloudHQ “Services” tab ( 
  7. Then, you will be forward to Google page which will ask you to login to Google Docs account which you want to connect with cloudHQ. So login with a new account (i.e., 
  8. In the next step, Google will ask for you confirmation to allow cloudHQ to access Google Docs for that account. 
  9. At the end, you will be forwarded back to cloudHQ “Services” tab. You should see both GoogleDocs accounts ( account and
  10. Note that you still have to login to cloudHQ using account.
Please let us know if you have questions – our email is
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