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Multi Email Forward for Gmail and How It Can Help You

Multi Email Forward for Gmail and How It Can Help You

Multi Email Forward for Gmail and How It Can Help You

Have you ever found yourself panicking because your boss wants all the invoices of a particular client immediately? Maybe you want to change email addresses and need to forward all your old emails to your new account?

Rather than sifting through your Gmail account and manually sending emails one by one, save time and effort by downloading the Multi Email Forward for Gmail extension.

What is Multiple Email Forward for Gmail?

The Multiple Email Forward for Gmail extension allows anyone with a Gmail account or Google Workspace email to export bulk emails easily. Some of its best features and benefits include the following:

Complete Email Account Migration

The Premium plan for this multi-email forward extension allows users to transfer whole email accounts to different ones. You can do this even if your account is almost at full capacity.

Transfer all Emails in Labels

To export all your emails into a separate account, select the label and click Forward Emails. The app will forward all of them without the need for intervention.

Transfer Emails After Hours

You don’t have to restart the transfer process when you come to work the next day. After clicking the ‘forward’ button, shut down your system. The transfer will continue in the cloud eliminating any delays.

Check History of Forwarded Emails Easily

This Gmail extension has a dedicated dashboard where users can monitor the progress of their email forwards and history. The dashboard records all emails that are forwarded.

Upgrade to Premium For More Benefits

Users who opt for the Premium plan have access to email and phone customer service. If you face any issues with the extension, they can help you resolve it in record time. Plus, Premium account holders can migrate their whole email account. Users can only transfer 50 emails per day in the free version.

Forward Email Receipts

Forwarding receipts from Lyft and other sources to HR can take considerable time, especially if you spend most of your time in the field. Multi Email Forward can save you hours of work. All you need to do is select the receipts and click on the forward icon. The emails will be forwarded en masse, and you don’t have to wait in front of the screen or monitor it.

Forward Emails to CRM

Several CRMs can process emails automatically and also attach them to relevant records. Search for the relevant emails in your email account and click on the forward icon.

How to Use Multi Email Forward

After downloading the extension, follow these steps to use the app:

  1. Choose the emails you want to export. This can include a whole Gmail label or all of the contents of your inbox, including the sent emails and drafts.
  2. Click the Forward icon or Forward All Emails in Label button. You can find the button at the top of your inbox.
  3. Enter the recipient’s email address.
  4. Close the browser or PC after hitting Forward Emails. The recipient will receive all of the selected emails in their inbox.

Forwarding multiple emails, especially if they are scattered in your account, can be extremely frustrating and time-consuming. You have to keep track of several tabs and enter the recipient’s email in each email before hitting the send button. The multi-email forward extension can make this exasperating task easier to manage and keep everything organized. Plus, the extension also maintains your email forwarding history you can refer to later to disprove discrepancies or accusations.

Download Multi Email Forward from cloudHQ

Whether you want to forward emails in bulk to several recipients or another account of yours, and save time and resources in the process, use Multi Email Forward by cloudHQ. The extension is ideal for anyone who wants to send emails to lawyers for a case, Human Resources, organized professionals who want to consolidate certain correspondence, accountants who require proof of all expenses, and sales professionals who need to create expense reports.

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