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New Feature: Basecamp Classic Multi-Level Folder Sync!

We’ve recently implemented a feature wherein you can sync  Basecamp Classic with multi-level Dropbox or Sugarsync folders, as well as Google Docs collections!

You can keep your folder structures from different services intact and continuously synced with Basecamp projects. You can now sync Dropbox/Sugarsync folders or Google Docs collections with your Basecamp Classic attachments: if your folder or collection contains sub-folders, cloudHQ will automatically create Basecamp categories for those folders too.

So for example, if your folder or collection is set up this way:

For_project/Meeting Minutes/
For_project/Meeting Minutes/Staff Meetings/
For_project/Meeting Minutes/Staff Meetings/Metting1.doc
For_project/Meeting Minutes/Staff Meetings/Meeting2.doc
For_project/Meeting Minutes/Design Meetings/Metting3.doc
For_project/Meeting Minutes/Design Meetings/Meeting3.doc

…you can just sync the For_project folder with “Files (attached to Project)” and cloudHQ will do the rest for you: all the needed categories in Basecamp will be automatically created and organized.

What does this mean for you as a user? 

So what does this do for you as a user? By maintaining your folder structures in Basecamp Classic, cloudHQ ensures that there is no need to re-create and reorganize your files just be sync’d with Basecamp, allowing you to be more flexible with your work documents across Dropbox, Sugarsync, or Google Docs. What’s more, all sub-folders and files are uploaded and kept continuously sync’d so there’s no need to worry.

How this can be used to improve your offering to your clients?

If you use Basecamp Classic to manage projects, you can use this new feature to improve your offering to your clients. 

You can sync your Basecamp projects with your Dropbox and then share Dropbox folders with your clients so they can have access to their Basecamp projects also via Dropbox. This is an excellent way to share movies, videos, or similar. Your clients will think you’re a project management superhero 🙂

So you just need to setup sync of your Basecamp Classic account with Dropbox (via cloudHQ) and then share Dropbox folders which contains client’s projects (see more info how share here: Thanks to cloudHQ, your Dropbox folders are kept sync’d with Basecamp: so whenever your clients adds or updates anything in Dropbox, it will be automatically sync’s with Basecamp and whatever you do in Basecamp your clients can see it also via Dropbox.

Sign up for cloudHQ today and enjoy this new feature and other benefits of having all your cloud services replicated, backed up, and synchronized in one easy-to-use interface. 

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