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New Feature Freebie: Email Read Receipt Tracking


Imagine that you’ve just emailed the biggest contract that you’ve ever sent in your entire career, and you know that you’ll eventually need to negotiate it.

Maybe it’s a sales quote, a partnership, or a job application– whatever it is, wouldn’t you love to know how many times your email was opened, or how many times your links were clicked on?

That kind of information is key because it gives you a very strong indication of the bargaining chip that you’ll have to work with.

Our Free Email Tracker extension does just that, and boasts 5 different types of notification options the instant someone reads your email:

  1. SMS text
  2. Email message
  3. Desktop notification
  4. Link tracking
  5. Reminders if your email was not read after 48 hours

Here’s a quick movie to show how it works with our newest features:

So what’s new?

Now, you can:

  1. Remove your link tracking from any links within your email, but still know when your email was opened.
  • Control your notifications per email that you send.
    1. SMS text notifications
  • Email notifications
  • Let’s get you started with a guide so that you can see how easy it is track your emails.

    Step 1. Install Free Email Tracker

    Free Email Tracker is very easy for you to install on your Chrome browser.

    All you need to do, is to navigate to the Google Chrome Store, and click on the “+ ADD TO CHROME” button.

    Once you’ve installed your Free Email Tracker, your Gmail will automatically refresh. Once it does, you’ll notice a new icon on the bottom of your emails when you hit the compose button. That’s your new Free Email Tracker icon.

    Step 2. Email or SMS notification read receipts

    When you click on your new icon in your “compose email” window, you’ll be able to enable email and/or SMS notifications for each email that you send. Select whichever method is most convenient for you, and you’ll be notified right away when your sent emails are opened.

    For example, if you just wanted to send yourself an SMS notification when your email has been read, just click on the Free Email Tracker icon when composing your email, and then select “Send me SMS notification” before sending your email. A green check mark will appear next to it to ensure that’s the option you chose.

    Your phone number can be added, or modified, through the “Manage settings…” selection, as seen above.

    Step 3. Desktop notification read receipts

    In the event that you would like a desktop notification, just click on “Manage Settings…“, which will bring you to your dashboard.

    Simply select the first notification option called “Desktop notifications each time my email is opened“, and you will get a desktop notification the instant your email is opened.

    Under Settings, you can also set desktop, email, or SMS notifications by default, as well as reminders when an email has gone unopened for 48 hours.

    Step 4. Disable link tracking

    All tracked emails that contain links automatically track whether the email recipient clicked on any of your links. To disable it, just make sure the next to “Link tracking enabled” isn’t selected.

    With these new Email Tracker features, you can enjoy even more customization to meet your specific email tracking, read receipt needs. Try it today!



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