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New Feature! Forward Multiple Emails to a Single PDF


Imagine that you’ve had problems with your landlord. Things have come to a head and he’s trying to evict you illegally. You’ve gotten yourself a lawyer. You have email records of all your correspondence with the landlord that will help your case. But how do you get them to your lawyer?

You could go through and forward them one by one. But when you’re dealing with billable hours, time is expensive. How can you get them all in one place?

This new feature on our Save Email to PDF extension has you covered! Now you can put all the emails your landlord ever sent and include them as an attachment in a single PDF. You can even add notes if you want, with the “append” feature.

Here’s how it works:


Install the Chrome Extension

Just go to the Chrome Store and download Save emails to PDF by clicking the + ADD TO CHROME button. Then click the ADD EXTENSION button in the popup, reload your Gmail, and you’re ready to go.


Select the Emails You Want to Send

Select the relevant emails just as you would for any bulk action. You can go through and select them manually, or do a search for a particular label, email address, or keyword.


Attach Selected Emails as a PDF

To attach your selected emails as a PDF, start by pressing the Compose button, as you would with any email.

Then, you can either drag and drop the emails you selected over to your new email that you’re composing, or you’ll notice a new envelope and paperclip icon in the lower left menu bar of your new email, near the Send button. Click on Attach Selected Emails as PDF, and wait for the attachment to load.

Once the attachment title changes colors from black to blue, that’s it! All your selected emails have been included as a single PDF file. Now all you have to do is hit Send!

Maybe You Want to Save Those Emails to Your Hard Drive?

If you prefer to save the emails as a file to your hard drive, that’s easy too. Once you’ve selected your emails, instead of composing an email, just click the Download icon from your inbox toolbar.

You’ll see a dropdown menu which allows you to save the selected emails as a variety of file types: HMTL, TXT, CSV, MS Excel, and PDF. Just click on your selection, and save it as you would any other download!

Bonus! Append Your Emails

Remember that Append Selected Emails option you saw from earlier?

If you click that instead, your emails will be copied right into the email directly, not as an attachment.  You might prefer it so that you can add notes or call attention to any details that may be relevant.

Save Email as PDF is great for:

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