New! How To Install and Remove Google Chrome Extensions

How To Install and Remove Google Chrome Extensions with Google Chrome Extension Manager by cloudHQ

How To Install and Remove Google Chrome Extensions with Google Chrome Extension Manager by cloudHQ

With 70% of desktop market share, Google’s Chrome browser is currently the leading internet browser in the world. It’s considered a powerhouse for daily use because of its swift load time, numerous features, and a Chrome web store filled with an ever-growing ecosystem of apps and extensions to facilitate users’ experiences.

There are plenty of Chrome extensions that will enhance your online experience. Some examples we created for you are cloudHQ’s Auto BCC & CC for Gmail and Free Email Tracker. These two extensions are extremely useful to automate a way to blind copy your assistant, or track who opened your email. Chrome extensions are notorious to cut down on time-consuming tasks and increase your productivity. Unfortunately, too many extensions can clutter up, and slow down your browser.

However, here’s a solution we created for you so that you can easily remove, install and manage all your Chrome extensions with Chrome Extension Manager by cloudHQ.

Seamless Interface To Manage All Google Chrome Extensions

It is a hassle to screen through all your extensions to pick and choose the ones that are necessary. There can be a lot of clutter to sort through on your browser.

With this new chrome extension, handling your extensions has never been easier. For instance, it provides you with a dashboard that displays all your apps and extensions and removes them from the browser’s ribbon. Making for a much cleaner UI/UX.


Chrome Extension Manager Can Group Extensions In An Organized Manner

There are thousands of task-specific applications and extensions designed to help you. You will need a data mining extension to automate the process if you want to extract data from a web page. You may also use extensions to automate a number of tasks such as email signatures, email follow ups or SMS alerts. The Chrome Extension Manager allows users to group their extensions as they please. These include outdated extensions, accounting and finance extensions and SEO extensions.

You can enable and disable all extensions within a group to limit the amount of memory consumed with just 1 click. It also allows users to choose the extensions they require and disable the ones not needed to augment your device’s speed and browsing experience.

Discarding All Unwanted Extensions In Two Clicks

The Chrome Extension Manager allows you to uninstall extensions and remove them from Chrome. The added advantage is that you can easily uninstall a bunch of unwanted grouped apps.
Here’s a good example, you just started work at a new job but your laptop still has a number of applications you regularly used at your old office. All these chrome extensions can be added to a single group that can be enabled, disabled, or deleted with just a couple of clicks.

Protection From Malware Ridden Extensions

In recent years many malicious Chrome extensions have been discovered and these pose a threat towards user safety and privacy. Users can solve this problem with a few clicks with cloudHQ’s Chrome Extension Manager. You can access a list of all the hidden apps and extensions and easily uninstall the ones that seem to pose a privacy risk.

Google claims that the installation of malicious extensions has decreased by 70%. In fact, some malware-ridden extensions keep running in the background without appearing in the extension list.

A few years before the flash player had a bug that kept it running even after it was disabled from the extension menu.

Why Should I Install Chrome Extension Manager?

The Chrome Extension Manager can organize all applications and extensions. It can activate and deactivate multiple extensions in a single click. And most importantly it can help you secure your browser from malicious extensions.

Users can enhance the efficiency of their device by using this Chrome Extension manager that limits the utilization of available memory. Search for the Chrome Extension Manager by cloudHQ on Chrome’s Web Store or download it by following this link.

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