New! How to Preview Emails in Gmail


People are spending more time reading emails than ever before, which is why  Gmail Message Preview can really boost your productivity.

By  allowing you to preview your emails before you open them, you’ll be able to discern what each email is about before you open it to read it. Here’s a quick movie that shows how easy it is to use and helps you keep your focus on the emails that matter:

How to Preview Emails in Gmail With 3 Simple Steps

Gmail Message Preview makes you more productive, allowing you to get a pretty good idea of what a given email is going to tell you by making the first few lines of it visible BEFORE you click to open it.

No more waiting for an email to open, and then finding out you couldn’t be less interested in what it says. You see right away which emails you want to read, and you ignore the rest, or keep it until later.

Here’s how to get started in 3 simple steps:

1. Install the Free Chrome Extension

First, go to the Google Chrome Web Store, and click on “Add to Chrome.”

2. Select Your Email Preview Preference

You will see a burger menu at the your inbox showing you a selection of what previews you can select. Select one of them.

3. Enjoy Previewing Emails In Your Gmail Inbox

You can adjust how many lines of email you wish to see in the preview, or the entire email. For this example, we’ll choose the first 3 lines:

In this example, here’s what you can expect with a “Full Content” email preview:

And here’s a little fun fact that you might enjoy: many people track their emails to see if you’ve opened them or not. With Gmail Message Preview, it disables their tracking pixels, so you can preview the entirety of their email, and they’d never know it until you click to open it.

How to Use Gmail Message Preview for Your Business

Focus your efforts on emails that matter most, and become more productive with your time.

Here’s 3 examples where Gmail Message Preview can help your business:

1. Move Projects Along Quickly

In business, minutes matter – they add up to hours. With Gmail Message Preview, you can tell with a glance which emails you need to focus on immediately, which ones can be answered later on, and which ones you can delete. This is a necessary skill to being a good team leader.

2. Sales – Respond to the best prospects first

Which clients are closest to closing a deal? Which ones need more information? And which ones are just wasting your time? Don’t make hot sales prospects wait for replies, and never waste time with the duds. With Gmail Message Preview, you get the information you need to prioritize your client engagement.

3. Administration – Is there an e-check waiting for you?

Quickly find out if you have payments coming your way, or if your accountant needs a signature to clear up a matter with the IRS. With a glance, you can find out if:

  1. There is paperwork that must be completed
  2. A bill is nearly overdue and you can avoid paying extra fees if you pay it immediately
  3. You’re creating a bottleneck for any of your teammates
  4. Invitations need to be reserved promptly

With Gmail Message Preview, you’ll be able to reply to the most important emails quickly– and be more productive with your time. Try Gmail Message Preview by clicking on the link below!

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