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New! Sort Your Gmail Inbox by Unread Emails Waiting For Your Reply

Want to sort your Gmail inbox by unread emails? We’ve got you covered.

If you’re looking for a way to search for all your unread emails—meaning, the emails you haven’t replied to, or conversely, the emails you’ve sent that haven’t yet received a reply—then you’re not alone. Gmail users have been asking for years about the possible development of a Gmail feature that can find those conversations that have been left hanging by you or others. Unfortunately, Gmail doesn’t provide such a feature. So, we made our own for you! We’ve included this little innovation as a new update to the tool we rolled out last month, Sort Gmail Inbox. Watch this video to learn more.

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New Features Added to Sort Gmail Inbox by cloudHQ!

Just one month ago, we released Sort Gmail Inbox by cloudHQ, a free tool that creates a set of labels and sub-labels organizing your Gmail into some very useful categories, so you can search by:

✅ Received Date organized by year, month, or exact date
✅ Unread emails
✅ A specific person
✅ A specific company, like anyone with emails that have the domain “”
✅ Attachment size and attachment type

But as of today, we’ve updated Sort Gmail Inbox by cloudHQ  to include 5 exciting new features:

  1.  Sort emails by contacts whom you need to respond back to
  2.  Sort emails by contacts who need to respond back to you
  3.  Save emails from a contact to PDF
  4.  Save information from a contact to a Google Sheet
  5.  Get an SMS Text Alert when an important contact emails you

Next, we’ll go through each feature and explain its perks.

1. Sort unread emails that you need to respond back to

Have you ever noticed Gmail’s “Nudge” feature—which gives you little reminders on isolated unread emails like “Received 3 days ago. Reply?” Well, our new feature takes the concept to a whole new level of organization.

In your “Sorted Received Mail” (also known as your Inbox, but sorted), we’ve added “Contacts – Not Replied.”

Contacts – Not Replied (in your Sorted Received Mail) consolidates a list of all the people whom you haven’t replied to yet. It shows the number of emails you haven’t replied to from each person, and then when you click their name, you can see all of the emails and work through the process of following up.

Because things slip through the cracks for even the most responsive of email users, the unanswered emails that slip through the cracks now end up in “Contacts – Not Replied,” now making it easier for you to locate and respond back to.

2. Sort unanswered emails that you haven’t received a response to

With Gmail’s “Nudge” feature, you may have seen notifications like, “Sent 5 days ago. Follow up?” to remind you to reach out again when someone hasn’t replied to your message. In the new update to Sort Gmail Inbox, we’ve upgraded this idea.

In your “Sorted Sent Mail,” we’ve added “Contacts – Awaiting Reply.”

Contacts – Awaiting Reply (in your Sorted Sent Mail) consolidates a list of all the people who have not replied to an email of yours. Just like “Contacts – Not Replied,” it also shows the number of emails that you’ve sent to each contact without a reply. And, again similarly, when you click a name, you can see all of the emails and work through following up. However, in this case, following up means giving them a little nudge to make sure you don’t lose their attention.

Because, everyone’s busy! Now, though, you can ensure they won’t forget about you.

3. Save emails from a contact into PDF

If you click the arrow on the right-hand side of your Sort Gmail Inbox labels, you’ll see a drop-down menu. The first option, Save Emails to PDF, allows you to save your emails from a specific contact as PDFs to make sure you have a back-up of your important communications.

Anyone with high stakes information needs this feature to create a safe second home for their client exchanges and data.

4. Save information from a contact to a Google Spreadsheet

If the information in your conversation with a specific contact includes important numbers that you need to catalog, click this option.

You can export data into a spreadsheet from your emails using our artificially intelligent tech. With the help of this feature, you get to specify the categories of information that you’d like to upload to a spreadsheet. Then, our technology identifies the appropriate data points in your emails and uploads them directly to your sheets.

5. Get an SMS Text Alert when an important contact emails you

Now that you’ve followed up on all of your unread mail, you’re likely to receive some responses. Of course, when you do, it’s imperative that you reply quickly. Click this option on the drop down menu to receive text notifications whenever a specific contact replies to you. That way, once you’ve followed up, you won’t miss anything!

Never lose touch again.

With our new updates to Sort Gmail Inbox, you won’t have to worry about unread emails again. Your business (and your social life!) will thank you.

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