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NEW! Use ‘Gmail Copilot’ as an Easy Gmail CRM


Be it your residence or office space, a cluttered and disorganized space hinders your productivity.

Similarly, an inbox filled with dozens of unread and spam emails means you may miss out on vital information.

Consider this: there are 293.3 billion emails sent per day and 55% of all emails are spam.

Gmail has strict security checks in place and sends suspicious emails straight into the spam box. This protects us from malicious emails. But it also increases the chance that important messages may end up in promotions or social folders.

As part of our staunch commitment to “increasing your productivity one click at a time,” we have created a systematic solution to help you organize your email – the Gmail Copilot by cloudHQ.

This is an all in one solution to:

Installing And Using Gmail Copilot By cloudHQ

Gmail Copilot by cloudHQ is a chrome-based extension and you can install it here.

Once installed, all email conversations with a particular contact will be automatically displayed on the right side of your window.

Stay Focused With All Past Email Correspondences

It is a challenge to keep track of an email sent to you even a couple of months ago, let alone years. But with Gmail Copilot, a history of all prior conversations will appear on the right side of Gmail.

A Mini CRM Built Into Your Gmail

A customer relationship management system helps in managing all interactions and relationships between a company and their customers.

Gmail Copilot provides similar functionality—a comprehensive list of all your conversations with a customer helps you easily strategize your next move to strengthen your relationship.

Stop Wasting Time Searching for Emails

By default, Gmail displays email exchanges in a conversation-style format that shows the whole thread in a sequential manner.

But it can be quite challenging to go through each and every message to find something important. This is why Gmail Copilot is a practical solution; with this extension, all past email conversations appear on the right. You can simply click on one to see it in more detail.

Moreover, the email does not open in a new window or even within the same window – rather, it appears as a popup that helps you find information without cramping your browser with extra tabs or without you having to go back and forth between emails or windows.

Convert Leads To Customers

By harnessing all of Gmail Copilot’s capabilities, you can gain a better perspective of how to influence customers on different stages of their buying cycle.

For instance, if you send three different cold email outreach campaigns at the same time to thousands of users, it would be difficult to sort and categorize them in case of multiple replies. But with Gmail Copilot, you will know the exact campaign sent to each recipient and you can strategize what to send them next.

Simply put, with adequate knowledge regarding all prior correspondence, you can strengthen your lead generation, conversion and retention.

Create Notes And Reminders

The extension gives you options to add notes or reminders to your contact, e.g. you can add a note that a particular client is bad with timely payments. So every time you receive an order request, you can ask them to adhere to the payment policies or to pay you in advance.

Similarly, if you have deliveries coming in from a particular supplier on the 28th of November – you can set a reminder for a notification before or on that day.

Provide Better Customer Service

A comprehensive outlook also helps provide exceptional customer service; even if the sender’s email ends up under the promotions label, the extension’s pane will display it.

For instance, you run a web hosting company and a particular client has generated many technical support tickets in the past. You will know the problems they normally face and how to resolve them.

You can respond by pointing out how you have always been there for assistance, how you have helped them in the past and how you will stay committed to dealing with all current and future issues.

This strengthens the customer’s trust in you allowing you to create a loyal and repeat customer.

Maintain The Theme And The Tone

Gmail Copilot also allows you to maintain the tone in which you respond to customers. For instance, you can contact new customers in a formal voice; whereas, send personalized replies to those who have been with you since the beginning.

If you have many unopened emails or your inbox is cramped, then Gmail Copilot by cloudHQ can help you in finding out all the relevant information about a contact. This can help you prepare, maintain and manage your communication to strengthen your marketing efforts and customer service.

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