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Pressing Warning for Chrome, Firefox, Edge browser users: prepare for an update

Users of Chrome, Firefox, and Edge have been notified to expect a software upgrade that may result in the collapse of several well-known websites. The three sites will be updated to version “100,” which could cause some of the world’s most popular websites to fail during the transition. As crazy as it might sound, this is due to the fact that these sites will not be able to process visits from browsers with 3 digit numbers.

Forbes has discovered that the sites for T-Mobile, HBO Go, and Yahoo! have been compromised. Websites usually check your browser’s version number. As a result, if your browser is out of date or unsupported, you will most likely be unable to access certain web pages.

The latest stable versions of Chrome and Edge are 8, while Firefox is still at version 97. Google is taking precautions in case websites begin to suffer after the upgrade, by proposing that the version number of Chrome be frozen at 99 in its ID code as a last resort.
The usual cut-off point for Chrome is 40. Because the old code in these sites just checks the first two digits, Chrome, Edge, and Firefox 100 will be read as “10,” and they will be blocked. In order to persuade web developers to upgrade, websites are now moving to version 100.

What does this mean for me?

Prepare for a bumpy ride in these next four months if you don’t happen to use Safari as your default browser for choice. At the end of the day the world will continue to turn, but hopefully this article will ensure you aren’t caught off guard by crashing websites.

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